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Al Fanar is an editorially independent publication dedicated to covering higher education in the Arab region. The publication serves readers who work at Arab universities and those who have a stake in Arab universities and vocational training. Al Fanar publishes news, commentary, and resources (data and reports), providing balanced, accurate, and insightful coverage of all aspects of academic life in the Arab world.

فصلية إلكترونية مستقلة تعنى بترجمة آداب اللغة الإنجليزية

An independent, non-governmental, non-profit online quarterly magazine concerned with translating English short fiction into Arabic. Albawtaka is designed and edited by Hala Salah Eldin Hussein.

Managing Director: Ramin Rezaei Ardahaei, M.A. In Translation Studies
Associate Editors: Ehsan Alipour M.A. in Translation Studies
                    Ali Hajlari M.A. in Translation Studies
Copy editors: Sahar Soltanian Translation Studies student
              Ahmad Ghareh Jazi Translation Studies student
Email: jtls_gpnu@yahoo.com

Translation Studies’ Editorial Policy
Length: Normally between 3,000 and 5,000 words
Style: MHRA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago style is acceptable if used consistently
Format: Microsoft word is preferred. Graphics can be in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, Photoshop, or BMP format.
Bibliography: Documentation in text and notes should be supported by a bibliography of works cited.
Non-English quotations should be followed immediately in the text by a translation in [brackets].

Please send your submission via E-mail to the editor.
Author: a brief paragraph about yourself, including your affiliation and academic rank
Address information: the institutional and/or street address, and E-mail address
Key word: a list of approximately 3-7 key words

An online magazine featuring contemporary international literature in English translation.