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Blog by Cagdas Acar, partly in English partly in Turkish, with many items relevant to translation. The blog generally covers translation, translation studies, literature and politics.

The Red T is an initiative for the protection of translators and interpreters (T&Is) worldwide. It is comprised of a team of advocates and volunteers united by the determination to raise awareness of T&Is at risk, defend their basic human rights, promote their safety, and educate the world about the vital importance of this profession. Without T&Is, the global dialogue stalls, cultural contexts are lost, and misunderstandings proliferate.

A collection of resources for scholars and teachers of translation and interpreting, including video and audio interviews and lectures, sample chapters from key publications, exercises, glossaries, and other material to support research in the field.


TransFayre, launched in 2012, is a web-based Translation Studies information list. The list is administered by Dr Pierre-Alexis Mével and Mr Xiaofei Sun, of the University of Nottingham.

TransFayre aims to allow the main players in the field of Translation Studies to communicate and exchange important information by providing a forum for scholars, teachers, and translators – both professional and amateurs – and anyone interested in all areas of Translation Studies. Messages to the list should be in English, but can be written in other languages, so long as they are presented alongside an English translation. We welcome information about events related to all aspects of Translation Studies, including but not limited to Literary Translation, Audiovisual Translation, Translation and Technology, Professional Interpreting, Translating Thought, Translation Theory, Practical Translation, Poetry and Translation, Translation History, Work as a Translator, Cross-Cultural Communication, etc. as well as about inter-disciplinary events related to Translation Studies. We welcome the sharing of information about resources, conferences, new publications or other important events, and we encourage academic departments to post job announcements to the list.

Translate for Justice is an independent platform of voluntary translators attending from four corners of the world. Our main objective is to help raise awareness on the international level, by providing information for the international public on the issues of restriction of basic human rights and freedom. The group also aims to serve as a source of truthful information and analyses in the areas where human rights and freedom of thought are under threat.

(TSFUM) وبلاگ اطلاع رسانی دانشجویان مطالعات ترجمه دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد