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The Association of Translation aims to improve standards and conditions in the profession through a code of ethics, it also provides news and a space for discussion.

ESIST is a non-profit making association of higher education teachers, practitioners, academics and students in the field of audiovisual translation set up to facilitate the exchange of information and to promote professional standards in the training and practice of screen translation.

AIIC is the only international association that represents the interests of conference interpreters. It sets standards of practice, training and working conditions, negotiates collective agreements, and runs workshops and other training events for its members.

The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) has been created by a group of professional language mediators as a vehicle for promoting ethical practices in their profession, as a venue in which to establish a dialog, without censorship and without conflicts of interest, with the aim of promoting effective professional ethics.

FIT is an international federation of associations of translators, interpreters and terminologists. Its purpose is to promote professionalism in the disciplines it represents. FIT is also concerned with the conditions of professional practice in various countries and strives to defend translators’ rights in particular and freedom of expression in general.

This center aims at policy making, organizing, and developing translation and publication of Islamic teachings and humanities in a variety of languages. Removing drawbacks and shortages of Persian and Arabic Islamic texts in the mentioned fields are of main reasons to establish the center. Given the lack of previous relevant experiences and the background in Islamic Republic of Iran, dearth of scientific and specialized perspectives, and proficient foreign translators in the fields of Islamic thoughts and humanities, this center has undertaken to implement such organization and promulgation in order to select and prioritize books and translation of related topics of each society and readership.

ProZ.com is home to the world’s largest translator community. Professional translators use the site to collaborate and learn, to search for jobs, and to find out opportunities for professional development.

An international network of translators and cyberactivists committed to upholding linguistic diversity, Tlaxcala publishes translations – mainly of political material – into 13 languages.

Translator Brigades is a network of international activists and translators pursuing global change.  Founded in the wave of solidarity with the 15-M and Occupy Movements on 17 September 2011, the project has now expanded globally and members are now translating key content into more than twenty languages.

A free association of translators from all countries and of all nationalities. The Association was established in order to publish, as far as possible in every language and by whatever channel, every message against: war in general; and in particular, against the use of war as a means of resolving international disputes.

سرای عالي ترجمه وابسته به موسسه خانه کتاب به منظور رفع نواقص و پاسخگوی به نیازهای موجود در خصوص ترجمه، در صدد است با ایجاد ارتباط فعال با مترجمین داخل و خارج از کشور، مراکز و نهاد های و مراکز فعال در امر ترجمه و مسئولان فرهنگی - اجرایی کشور از طریق سیاست گذاری، نظارت، اطلاع رسانی، هدایت، هماهنگ سازی و تصویب قوانین لازم در مراجع ذیصلاح و با اجرای برنامه های هدفمند نسبت به سامان بخشی و ارتقای جایگاه ترجمه اقدام نماید

تصبو جمعية الترجمة العربية وحوار الثقافات إلى لم شمل العاملين في مجال اللغة والترجمة من العربية وإليها والمهتمين بحوار الثقافات بواسطة الترجمة، وتعتبر نفسها كيانا ثقافيا وحضاريا يستثمر الفورة الإلكترونية المميزة لهذا العصر، ويشتغل وفق القوانين الجاري بها العمل وفي احترام تام للضوابط الأخلاقية والمهنية جاعلاً من أولوياته الدفاع عن مصالح أعضائه والرقي بوضعهم الاجتماعي.