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Envisioning the Social Media Future of (Part)-Parallel Corpus Studies - Talk by Dr. Tom Cheesman

This presentation outlines the goals and methodologies of a multi-disciplinary team project titled 'Translation Arrays: Version Variation Visualization' (VVV), supported by the AHRC 'Digital Transformations' theme (Jan-Sept '12). It will demonstrate innovative online tools created for exploring multiple versions of literary works, including translations. A prototype VVV platform is available online. VVV has been featured on the BBC and in a detailed report in the technoculture magazine Wired.

With internal bridge funding from Swansea University, the team is now preparing a January 2013 application for an AHRC 'theme large grant', to scale up the project and create new global resources for intercultural research, education, and creativity. The aims of the project are: acquiring large multilingual corpora of versions of works by Shakespeare, and other 'world heritage' works including scriptures; developing platform functionalities including more text-work and analysis tools, more visualisation options, more user interactivity, more structured metadata; creating research-based educational outputs including game-like multimedia interfaces; making the platform interoperable with social media and the semantic web; and as an independent project, developing an observatory-archive of world-wide translating, versioning and adapting.

Dr. Tom Cheesman is principal Investigator on the collaborative, multi-disciplinary ‘Version Variation Visualisation’ project, which involves analysis of the multiplicity of Shakespeare re-translations. The talk was delivered on 17 Novemeber 2012 during the workshop 'Travelling Theory in the Sciences and Humanities: Corpus Tools and Methodologies for Tracing the Mutation and Transformation of Concepts in (Re)translated Texts' organised by the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Manchester.

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