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Travelling Theory, Concepts in Motion, and the Potential of Electronic Corpora - Prof. Mona Baker

The Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies at Manchester set up the first and still largest dedicated corpus of translational language, The Translational English Corpus (TEC), in 1998, with a view to exploring specific features of translated language that set it apart from other instances of language use.

Drawing on this long experience of working with corpora of translated text, the Centre is now embarking on a new phase of research that focuses on the use of corpora of (re)translations to trace the development of key concepts, primarily in the humanities, and explore the way they are adapted as they enter new cultural and temporal spaces.

This talk discusses ways in which the new corpora being compiled can build on existing TEC software and expand it in order to capture key concepts and explore their transformation across time.

Prof. Mona Baker is leader of the Translational English Corpus project and author of various articles on the use of corpora in translation research. The talk was delivered on 17 November 2012 as part of the workshop 'Travelling Theory in the Sciences and Humanities: Corpus Tools and Methodologies for Tracing the Mutation and Transformation of Concepts in (Re)translated Texts', organised by the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester.

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