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Visualising Text: Present and Future - Talk by Dr. Saturnino Luz

This talk examines connections -- some actual, some notional -- between the use of corpora in language research and the discipline of information visualisation. Starting with a brief review of information visualisation techniques, Dr. Luz discusses how these techniques have been used in text analysis and ‘data mining’, focusing on corpus research and translation studies in particular. These discussions are illustrated with the presentation of visualisation prototypes being developed in connection with the Translational English Corpus (TEC) and a number of case studies.

Dr. Saturnino Luz is principal Investigator on the collaborative, multi-disciplinary ‘Version Variation Visualisation’ project, which involves analysis of the multiplicity of Shakespeare re-translations. The talk was delivered on 17 November 2012 as part of the workshop 'Travelling Theory in the Sciences and Humanities: Corpus Tools and Methodologies for Tracing the Mutation and Transformation of Concepts in (Re)translated Texts', organised by the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester.

The video last just over an hour.

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