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An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Translation in Music

Call for Papers: Translation in Music: An International Interdisciplinary Symposium
24-25 May 2014
Cardiff University
Wales, United Kingdom

For many, music is a ‘universal’ language, yet it is often wedded to words in one specific language, whether poem, song text or opera libretto. And these texts require translations that respect both the nature of the original language and the expression of the music itself – a deft dance that should celebrate a perfect marriage, but often results instead in a messy divorce. This two-day interdisciplinary symposium is designed to bridge the often glaring gap between words and music. It brings together international scholars from the fields of Translation Studies, language (Welsh, German, French, Italian, Spanish and English) and musicology with practitioners who deal with musico-linguistic challenges on a regular basis, such as composers, singers, translators, and opera subtitlers. Our focus will range from the study of historical translation practices to current challenges in intercultural musical communication and adaptation. While both Translation Studies/Linguistics and Musicology are flourishing fields in themselves, very little interdisciplinary scholarly work has been undertaken. The goal of the conference is to bring these two fields together as well as to open a dialogue between theoreticians and practitioners that will result in more extensive collaborations between these two otherwise often unconnected worlds. The two days focus respectively on ‘Opera in Translation’ and ‘Song in Translation’, comprising presentations, round-table discussions, and illustrative musical performances in collaboration with the prestigious Welsh National Opera.

In addition to keynote and invited speakers - including Errollyn Wallen (Composer), Professor David Johnston (Translation Studies), Professor Susan Youens (Musicology), Dr Sebnem Susam-Saraeva (Translation Studies) and Jonathan Burton (Royal Opera House, London) - we invite abstracts for free 20-minute papers.

Abstracts should be no more than 400 words long and submitted electronically to translationinmusic@cardiff.ac.uk by Monday 17 February 2014. We would also welcome abstracts for panel sessions and roundtables: a 200-word rationale should be submitted along with 400-word abstracts from individual speakers for a panel session. For roundtables, a 200-word rationale should be submitted along with 200-word abstracts for individual participants who would be expected to speak on a specific topic for no more than 10 minutes.

Potential subjects might include:
•Performing Translation
•Cultural Adaptation

The conference is a free event, open to all staff, students and the general public. Prior registration is required, and charges will be made for refreshments and meals. WNO are offering a preferential tariff for those people wishing to attend the performance of Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff on Saturday 24 May. The conference will end with a lecture-recital of a section of Kurt Weill’s Seven Deadly Sins (in translation) by soprano Sian Cameron and Sophie Rashbrook, WNO Nicholas John Trainee Dramaturg.

Participants will be informed whether their abstracts have been accepted by Monday 10 March. Once an abstract has been accepted, participants must download the registration form and return it by 1 April 2014.
Programme committee:
Dr Monika Hennemann, Lecturer in German, Cardiff University
Dr Cristina Marinetti, Lecturer in Translation Studies, Cardiff University
Dr Clair Rowden, Senior Lecturer in Music, Cardiff University
Dr Mathieu Schneider, Maître de conferences en musique et musicologie, Université de Strasbourg

For more information, please see http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/music/newsandevents/events/conferences/14translationinmusic/index.html or contact Cristina Marinetti at MarinettiC@cardiff.ac.uk.

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