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ARTIS: Advancing Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies

A New Research Training and Exchange Initiative to Replace the Translation Research Summer School

The Translation Research Summer School (TRSS) [www.researchschool.org] was launched in 2001 in order to create and enhance research training provision in the area of translation and interpreting studies. Initially a UK-based, joint initiative of the University of Manchester, University College London and the University of Edinburgh, TRSS has been running annually since 2002. The Hong Kong Baptist University joined the TRSS consortium in 2009.

TRSS has been an enormous success and enjoyed the support of the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council. The 2013 TRSS sessions held in the UK and Hong Kong catered for some sixty students from around twenty-five countries spread over five continents.

Nevertheless, the time has come to rethink the formula. Holding summer schools at fixed times and in fixed locations has increasingly proved restrictive. In recent years, a number of other summer schools in different countries have begun to serve the field. In the UK, tighter visa controls and a general bureaucratic clampdown on universities have restricted access to TRSS and made the organisation of annual events burdensome.

In response to these developments, the TRSS partners have decided to replace the existing Translation Research Summer School with a more flexible and mobile model. TRSS in its current form will therefore be discontinued with effect from 2014, although its legacy website will continue to be accessible to TRSS alumni for the foreseeable future and its online teaching and learning materials will be transferred to the new initiative as appropriate.

We are pleased, then, to announce the launch of ARTIS, short for Advancing Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies. ARTIS aims to provide research training at both doctoral and postdoctoral levels; in addition, we seek to promote scholarly debate, exchange and collaboration on a global scale; and to explore emerging cross-disciplinary synergies, methodologies and conceptual approaches.

ARTIS is envisaged as an adaptable platform enabling research training and networking events of different types (including doctoral masterclasses, intensive workshops, themed colloquia) to be delivered at a variety of locations, where possible in collaboration with other institutions within and beyond the UK. ARTIS will be formally administered by the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies at the University of Manchester, and will be led by a steering committee consisting of members of former TRSS institutions, as well as a number of colleagues from other UK universities. The composition of the steering committee and details of upcoming events will be announced at a later date.

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