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Call for Papes: Linguistics, Literature & Translation

You are invited to take part in The 5th International Conference of APETAU in Collaboration with the Arab Open University (AOU)- Jordan (14-16 Nov. 2015: Linguistics, Literature & Translation at the Department of English Language and Literature, AOU, Amman-Jordan.

Selected refereed papers of the conference will be published in a special volume of International Journal of Arabic-English Studies(IJAES), the journal of The Association of Professors of English & Translation at Arab Universities (APETAU). This conference is mainly meant to foster ties and links between professors of English and translation at Arab universities on the one hand and their colleagues in the world at large by providing a forum for them  to explore the most recent trends and developments in the fields of Linguistics, Literature and Translation. Keynote speakers from the Arab countries and beyond will be announced once final arrangements are made.
The topics include (but by no means restricted to):

Language & Linguistics
1.     Language and cognition:  Acquisition of first and second language
2.      Advances in linguistic theory and application
3.      Language policy, planning & globalization
4.      Corpus linguistics & its application
5.      Intercultural communication & language change

1.     Multiculturalism in contemporary English literature
2.      Diaspora identities
3.     Writers as revolutionaries
4.     Postcolonial literature and theory
5.      Comparative literature in a changing world

1. Translation and language/text specificity
2. Culture bound translation
3. Translating, interpreting and mediation
4. Translation strategies and norms
5.  Translation programs and market needs

Foreign Language Teaching
1.     Computer-assisted language learning
2.     Curriculum development and syllabus design
3.      Innovation in language teaching and pedagogy
4.      Teaching language and culture
5.      Language testing and assessment

Submission of abstracts and full papers

Participants are invited to submit proposals for 20-minute presentations. Abstracts of a maximum 300 words should be submitted by June 30, 2015, pasted into the registration form provided, to Professor Mahmoud Al-Shetawi at http://www.apetau.com/index.php/call-papers All p.roposals will be reviewed by the Conference Scientific Committee. Participants will be notified of acceptance by July 30, 2015.

Full papers
Full versions of the articles based on the abstracts should be submitted to the above address http://www.apetau.com/index.php/call-papers by September 13, 2015. Revised papers based on feedback from the conference should be submitted by January 21, 2016. Papers accepted for publication will appear in a special volume of International Journal of Arabic-English Studies (IJAES), the refereed publication of the Association of Professors of English and Translation at Arab Universities (http://www.apetau.com and www.ijaes.net).

Conference Fee: $100

Participants are requested to register on Saturday morning (8:00-9:00) November 14, 2015 on the ground floor at Al-Orouba Hall. at Arab Open University. Conference staff will be on duty from 8:00 am-4:00 pm in the main lobby. The conference registration fee is $100.00 (One Hundred US Dollars) for participants from universities outside Jordan, to be paid in cash. Participants from Jordanian universities who have paid their subscription and or membership fees to APETAU are exempted from the registration fee. The fee is payable upon arrival and covers the cost of conference kit; transportation from designated hotels to the conference site and vice-versa; coffee breaks and at least one lunch.

Participants may wish to make their own accommodation arrangements. However, the nearest convenient hotels to the conference venue will be communicated in our next update.

Photocopying Facilities
We regret that there will be no photocopying facilities on conference site. However, should you like to have a few pages photocopied, please ask conference attendants to do that for you.
Contact us

Professor Jihad Hamdan, Chair of the Organizing Committee, President of APETAU
ijaes2011@yahoo.com / +962799724218

Dr. Tahrir Hamdi t_hamdi@aou.edu.jo / +962799608112

Dr. Raya Kalaldeh kalalder@tcd.ie / +962790163117

Dr. Suleiman Al-Abbas atlasjournal@yahoo.com / +962797104044

Dr. AlaaEddin Sadeq alaeddin71@yahoo.com / +96279668488

Professor Nidal Al-Mousa n_almosa@aou.edu.jo / +962795586106

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