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CFP: Conference on Technology, Business, Theory-as-Praxis, November 2014 Brisbane

1-2 November 2014,
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

DEADLINE: 25th April 2014

The increasing pace of change facilitated by technology, multiculturalism, data explosion, political changes, globalisation and its economics has affected the way translators and interpreters work. We are expected to work faster, while acquiring a vast range of skills often unrelated to the actual processing of words: marketing, programming, project management, and endlessly changing technology. In addition, we need to maintain our in-depth linguistic and subject-specific expertise.

The Conference aims at filling in a perceived gap in addressing these issues from the practitioners’ point of view and in a way that talks directly to them so that the information and knowledge gained from the sessions  will directly improve the way they work. It intends to bridge the gap between the disciplines of technology, business and theory, and translation / interpreting, bringing the still-imagined future into the present already sweeping us along. The Conference is also a great opportunity for networking , idea-generating and sharing of knowledge.

AUSIT Biennial Conference will also be exciting and useful for the translation and interpreting practitioners.

With three thematic streams – technology, business and theory-as-praxis – the Conference organisers are looking for presentations that bring in new ideas and diverse ways of looking at the issues and challenges facing the professional. Papers can address, but are not limited to, any of the following subjects:

Promoting professionalism
Services marketing
Impact of economics on the profession
Diversification strategies
Legal aspects of the profession (intellectual property, working internationally, contractual obligations)
Politics and ethics of translation
Improving productivity (technology and/or business tactics)
Quality enhancement
Impact of technology on the profession
Big Data and translation
Practical applications of translation theory
Cross-cultural communication issues in interpreting/translation
Globalisation, language and translation
AUSIT seeks submissions for:

paper presentations of about 20 minutes duration,
A2 posters
proposals for workshops or panel discussions of 30 – 60 minutes duration.
Interested authors should submit their 250- word abstracts and a short professional biography (including a photo) in English language to the Secretary of the Academic Committee by 25th April, 2014.

Successful applicants will be notified in July 2014.


Enquiries about scientific content of the proposed papers can be sent to the Organising Committee members Sam Berner or Sarah Dillon

Any other general inquiries about the conference can be sent to the Secretary of the Organising Committee

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