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CFP: International Forum on Translation Studies

International Forum on Translation Studies (Sept. 19-20, 2013)
At Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, China

Translation and Interpreting as Social Practice
Places are limited, so early confirmation of participation is advised

Co-sponsored by: International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies & Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, China
Organized by: The School of Foreign Languages Studies, Henan Normal University

Subthemes include (but are not limited to) the following:

__Translation and the Transformation of Culture
__Translation and the Compilation of Literary History
__Ethics in Renarration
__Interpreting as Social Practice
__Performing Translation
__and other related sub themes

Invited Speakers (international) and their topics:

Mona Baker (The University of Manchester, UK)
(Topic: The Socio-Narrative Approach to Translation & Interpreting)
Sandra Bermann (Princeton University, USA)
(Topic: Performing Translation: Language, Gender, and Social Practice)
Theo Hermans (University College London, UK)
(Topic: Translator Positioning and Translation as Added Value)
Juliane House: (University of Hamburg, Germany)
(Topic: English as a Lingua Franca and Translation)
Description of the Event: There has probably never been such a time when translation is so closely connected with world changes and our social life, which greatly enhance awareness of the significance and relevance of translation to social and cultural transformations. Under current globalization circumstances, no single nation can face the various world challenges and achieve development without interaction with other nations. Translation and interpreting are no longer just linguistic performances but social practice, and the translator or interpreter is by no means an innocent bystander. S/he is deeply affected by various social, political as well as poetic factors in terms of what and how to translate.

“The International Forum on Translation Studies”, to be held at Henan Normal University (Xinxiang, China), aims to bring together some well-established world leading figures of translation studies to explore and discuss issues around the theme "Translation & Interpreting as Social Practice" , for a very productive and fruitful exchange of scholarship and the latest developments in the field. The invited speeches will cover a large range of topics relating to this broad theme.

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