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Disruption and Diversification.

The theme of the XXI FIT Congress is Disruption and Diversification.

The emphasis of the FIT Congress 2017 will be on issues relating to disruption and diversification in all the fields of translation and interpreting.  The 2017 Congress will highlight the impacts of technology, globalisation, policy and economic change on the delivery of language services, with specific streams for indigenous and sign languages, interpreting in conflict zones, community interpreting and translation, and literary translation.  Presenting at the FIT Congress 2017 offers a valuable opportunity to meet members of the Translation and Interpreting professionals, academics, service providers and other stakeholders.

FIT invites all those interested – practitioners, academics, students, agencies, software makers and policy makers, accreditation bodies, and buyers of services -to submit proposals for papers/posters dealing with the following session themes:

1.Translating from/into Minority and Indigenous Languages: politics/knowledge gaps/ globalisation/ literature/ oral heritage
2.Language and Conflict: interpreting in war zone/technologies and skills/ preservation/vicarious trauma
3.Community Interpreting and Translation: New and emerging communities/refugees and asylum seekers/aging populations/recognition and remuneration/ Certification, accreditation and regulation/ pedagogy and research
4.Sign Language Interpreting: developments/access politics/ markets/ future/ technology
5.Localisation as a Genre: developments/markets/future/technology
6.Social Media Translation Trends: QA/ economic pressures/ technology/future of the professional in the world of the amateur
7.Globalisation, Ethics and Status of the Profession: research/ legislation/ teaching/ changes /invisibility/
8.Translation Practice and Academic Research: change, growth, strategies
9.Future Shock – Technology, Disruption and the New Industry Paradigm: effect on LSP, and buyers of language services/diversification/responses / quality
10.Creativity and Translation in the Post-modern World: trans-creation, copywriting and literary translation
11.Freelancing as a Reflective Business Practice: learning/business skills/ perceptions/training/sustainability/ diversification

•Presentations – 30 mins + 10 mins Q&A
•Posters – throughout the day, with the presenter being available for 40 mins to answer questions from delegates
•Panels (60 mins + 30 mins Q&A/discussion from the floor)
•Workshops (120 mins)
Why submit your abstract?

•Contribute to the professional knowledge of the TI community
•Raise your profile through sharing of expertise in your field area
•Learn and grow professionally through attending high quality presentations
•Expand your network and meet new professional partners by engaging with other delegates.
Submission Guidelines

•You need to provide:
◦A titled two-page A4 outline (1000 words) that summarises your paper in a persuasive manner, in addition to any tables/figures, OR
◦if you are submitting in sign language, a video in International Sign Language that summarises your paper as above. The video must be in .mp4
◦an abstract and keywords (200 words), can also be in the same video as your summary if you are submitting in ISL.
◦a short professional biography inclusive of a mug shot.
•If you prefer to present this work as a poster, please note this when submitting your proposal.
•Your outline must be in plain English or French and clearly define the practical objectives, status, methodology, findings and significance of the investigation or study.
•You can submit as many outlines as you choose, however, you can only present one paper and one poster at the Congress. Any additional accepted papers will have to be presented by your co-author(s).
•Complete outlines, abstracts, biographies and mug shots must be uploaded to our online submission platform by 1st October 2016. No late submissions will be accepted. Incomplete submission will also not be accepted. Please note: when submitting through the platform, you need to enable cookies and create an account before submitting. Should you face any issues with your submission, please email papers@fit2017.org, and we will endeavour to assist you.
•Once your paper is accepted for presentation, you will have to upload your full paper (six to eight A4 pages inclusive of abstract and references) by 1st April 2017 so that it can be reviewed for publication. Accepted papers whose authors do not upload complete papers by the due date shall not be included in the Congress program.
•You need to upload your PowerPoint presentation and/or poster of the accepted paper(s) one month before the congress to facilitate technical support during the Congress. Accepted papers whose authors do not upload their PowerPoint presentations and posters by the due date shall not be included in the Congress program.
Selection Process

Your submitted outline paper will be blind reviewed by an international panel of academics and practitioners. Programme selections are based on the scores and comments of those reviewers. Decisions will be announced in early January 2017, by email directly to the author(s), and subsequently uploaded to the program on the FIT17 website. Please email papers@fit2017.org if you do not hear from us by 30 January 2017.

The factors that determine whether a paper is accepted are the level of potential interest, the overall quality of presentation, and its relevance to the audience. To that effect, it is advisable that you:

•ensure that your paper fits the thematic tracks and it’s relevant to the audience.
•submit original content describing new concepts, novel applications of established concepts, or improvements to existing theories/practice.
•ensure that the work is well developed, shows concrete results that are well supported by data, and is practical in its future orientation.
•clearly show how your work is relevant for the professionals/clients in the T&I industry.
•prepare your outline with care, organise your material well, write clearly, prepare your graphics professionally, and make sure your information is accurate, up to date, and referenced.
Commercial content won’t be accepted for presentations or posters. However, this type of material is welcomed at the trade exhibition or perhaps in the business forum.

Publishing of the Proceedings

Proceedings will be published after the Congress.

Registration of Accepted Presenters

Every presenter (platform, poster, workshop and panel) is required to register as a paying delegate and attend the Congress. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. Presenters who do not register before 1st April 2017 will be replaced.

Invitation letters to be presented to the Australian diplomatic missions overseas for the purpose of obtaining a visa to Australia can be obtained on request. Please email admin@fit2017.org

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