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The 7th Media for All International Conference

23-25 OCTOBER 2017
College of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hamad bin Khalifa University,
Doha, Qatar

Call for Papers

Click here to download the call for papers in PDF format.

Audiovisual translation (AVT) in the 21st century is a place of convergence in which languages, modes and media come together in multiple ways to respond to the advances of technology and the demands of ever-evolving political, cultural and social environments. Traditional AVT practices such as subtitling, dubbing, SDH and AD, are still the main ways that audiovisual texts are made available and accessible in established contexts. In the new digital media ecosystem, internet and broadcast merge. Technology allows for live interoperability between devices (TVs, PCs, smart glasses, mobile phones and the like) and venues (such as theatres, opera houses, cinemas and museums). This landscape lends itself to new media, new formats and new contexts, all demanding innovative approaches and increased specialization. Novel working and monetizing practices are also evident in the field of AVT. Technology is allowing for collaborative working opportunities. Automation and language technologies are sharing traditional workflows, giving rise to a new hybrid human-machine coexistence. Quality is at the heart of this latest industrial revolution where specialization is the path to excellence. An example of such specific needs are the special requirements of AVT for tourism and sports, a topic that will be brought to the fore at this Conference, given the upcoming FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022.

The 7th Media for All International Conference on Audiovisual Translation will map the current status of the AVT profession, highlighting up-to-the-minute research, production and distribution techniques, and end-user needs. The Conference aims to attract scholars and professionals from all over the world with a long and established tradition of AVT, giving them the opportunity to share their professional practices and research developments, and foster a rich and meaningful intercultural exchange. The complexity and the ways in which research input, technology, user needs and the business aspects of AVT intertwine, merit serious thought and debate. By creating an open meeting space for sharing the challenges and opportunities of AVT as “a place in between” genres, technologies and cultures, the 7th Media for All International Conference on Audiovisual Translation will address the many questions raised by the rapid expansion of audiovisual communication and translation in a global market.

Through papers, panels, posters and round-table discussions, Conference participants will gain insight into cutting-edge professional practices and research issues and be at the forefront of knowledge on forthcoming AVT developments. The Organising Committee is inviting presentations reflecting the state of AVT in our rapidly changing times. The topics should be within the scope of the themes listed below and have audiovisual translation and/or media accessibility as their focus:

1. Language transfer on screen: dubbing, interpreting, narration, opera and theatre surtitling, subtitling, voiceover, localisation, fandubbing, fansubbing;

2. Media access / cultural access: subtitling for the deaf and the hard-of-hearing, live subtitling, respeaking, audio description, audio subtitling, sign language interpreting;

3. Innovation and new technologies: formats, platforms, 4D and D-box, big data;

4. AVT and social media;

5. AVT in the global market: production and distribution, new trends, tools, needs, project management;

6. Professional practice and ethics: labour market, working conditions, standardisation and harmonisation, productivity, costs, professional organisations, intellectual property rights, crowdsourcing;

7. AVT for specific contexts: sports and tourism;

8. History of AVT;

9. Quality standards and quality assurance;

10. Literacy and language learning/acquisition;

11. Reception research and audience needs, broadcasting for minority audiences;

12. Censorship and manipulation;

13. AVT training: curricula, new needs, standards, didactics and skills;

14. AVT status and development in the Arabic-speaking world.

Papers will be allotted 20-minute slots to be followed by a 10-minute discussion (30 minutes in total). Papers are to be presented in English or Arabic. Proposals in Arabic require a synopsis in English for the purpose of international peer review.

Abstracts must include the following:

1. The applicant’s name, surname, institutional affiliation and contact information, including an email address and a short bionote of no more than 100 words.

2. An abstract of 350 words + references (if necessary) with relevant bibliographical references

3. A selection of keywords from the given options.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by 15th February 2017.

Proposals should be submitted online through this form

Funding and Support

A selection of papers will be considered for financial support on the basis of merit. This may imply the waiver of attendance fees, and, in specific cases, travel and subsistence. Selected participants will be duly notified by the Organising Committee. The decision of the Organising Committee will be final.

Conference venue

The 2-day conference, 24th – 25th October 2017, will take place at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar. The conference will be preceded by a day of workshops.
Workshops venue

The workshops will be held at the same venue on 23rd October 2017. Topics and prices will be announced shortly.

Official languages

English and Arabic. Interpreting will be provided.


A selection of the papers presented at the conference will be invited for publication by the Organising Committee.

Important dates

Deadline for sending proposals: 15th December 2016

Notification of acceptance: 15th February 2017

Early-bird registration: Until 1st July 2017

For further information: Mediaforall7@qf.org.qa

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