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Second intake for the MA in the Politics of Translation, Cairo University

Second intake for the MA in the Politics of Translation, Cairo University 2016-2017 The University of Cairo is announcing the second intake for the MA in the Politics of Translation, designed in collaboration with the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies in Manchester, with the generous support of the British Academy. Vision: The Ma Programme in the Politics of Translation establishes Translation Studies form a cultural perspective at Egyptian universities. The Programme caters to the needs of translators and cultural workers involved in translation, and revealing the role of translation as a critical practice as well as a cultural and political act. The Programme is also suitable for researchers interested in specialising in Translation Studies as a developing interdisciplinary area, with its history, theory and methodologies intersecting with various other established disciplines. Mission: 1. Providing theoretical knowledge of translation and its cultural politics to professional translators and cultural workers involved in translation and publishing, with the aim of enhancing translation practices. 2. Developing translators’ critical thinking in their translation careers, and offering them the necessary tools to express their critical reflections in academic writing. 3. Training researchers in understanding the various cultural contexts and the politics involved in translation. And encouraging research in the history of translation in Egypt and Arab countries. Programme content: The Programme content covers the most prominent cultural disciplines in the study of translation and its politics, such as cultural studies, critical theory and comparative studies. The Programme extends for two academic years: the first year consists of courses covered in two terns; while the second year involves writing a thesis related to the Programme, and in accordance with the requirements for an MA degree as postulated in the Faculty of Arts Post-Graduate Bylaws. Requirements: 1. A BA or BSc degree (with a general grade of B-/2.7 at the least) 2. Passing the admission exams carrier out by the Department of English Language and Literature, testing the applicants’ fluency in both source and target languages, as well as their general knowledge in cultural practices. Application available from mid-July till the end of August 2016 Admission exam is held in early September 2016 Admission exam fees: 250LE For more information, contact Office of Post-Graduate Affairs Tel.: (+202)35676311; 35676316 Faculty of Arts website: arts.cu.edu.eg Department of English website: edcu.edu.eg

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