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Short Courses in Professional Translating & Interpreting


Department of translation and interpretation is promoting translating and interpreting culture through its trilingual four year BS Translation and Interpretation program. It is also engaged in teaching and undertaking research in translation studies at the level of MS Translation Studies. 

The graduates, who are equipped with translation and interpreting skills, are serving in various capacities such as translator, Interpreter and teacher etc in various countries including China, UAE, and Pakistan by providing translation and interpretation services to multinational companies working under the mega project of China Pak Economic Door (CPEC).
In the wake of successful experience of BS and MS Programs, the Department extends its services to quench this demand by introducing “Short Courses in Professional Translating and Interpreting”.

to provide focused professional training to the working translators and interpreters.
to equip the students with knowledge, skills, confidence and professional ethics required in translation and interpreting market.
to expose them to the growing national and international market
On completion of the short courses the candidates shall be able:
to get certification in translation and interpretation
to market their skills in the national and international translation industry.
To find ways to boost their career prospects in translation and interpretation.
Who should register in these Course
Working Translators and Interpreters aspiring to get certification
Bilinguals working in multinational companies.
Journalists, Doctors, Businessmen, Traders, Diplomats and Government officials having ambition to grab translating and interpreting opportunities within their organizations.
Retired and women aspiring to make money through E- Translation industry while stay at home.

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