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Translation as Profession and as Discipline

A Two-Day International Conference

November 27-28, 2018, Islamabad-Pakistan


Translation Studies (Interpreting Studies included) is now an accepted academic discipline taught in the
universities at various levels. Translation as practice has its roots in antiquity. In the Middle Ages
translation practice and theories were taken as one entity. It drew the attention of scientists,
philosophers and linguists due to its multidisciplinary nature. Consequently a long series of scientific,
philosophic, linguistic, cultural and functional theories appeared in the field of Translation.
Keeping in view the fast growth and swift development, challenges and potentials , Department of
Translation and Interpretation intends to hold an international conference on “Translation as practice
and as discipline”
exploring all the related dimensions and areas which fall under the mentioned
This conference is unique in the sense that it shall be the first ever conference about translation and
translation studies in Pakistan. It is hoped that the event shall attract scholars, practitioners and
intellectuals nationally and internationally.

Aims and Objectives:
 to bring translation professionals and translation scholars at one platform.
 to address salient issues regarding translation as profession and translation as discipline.
 to foster a supportive environment in which researchers can exchange ideas on current themes
and issues.

The conference will be a forum for networking and the exchange of research findings and best practices
and will bring together national and international professionals & scholars from a wide range of
backgrounds and approaches to the subject.

Proposed Themes:
1. Current theories and practices in translation studies( translation theories)
2. History of translation
3. Translation Training and Education
4. Quran translation
5. Machine translation
6. Translation and localization ( Apps; Websites; software)
7. Culture and translation
8. Interdisciplinarity of translation studies
9. Cognitive process of translation/Interpreting
10. History and reception of literary translation
11. Genre Translation (Religious, Technical, Legal, Medical, Literary etc.)
12. Retranslations
13. Inter-lingual; Intra-lingual; inter-Semiotic translations
14. Sociology of Translator
15. Technology in Translation and Interpretation
16. Translation Quality Assessment
17. Translation Project Management
18. Marketing of Translation products
19. Translation Ethics
20. Translation and Regulations
21. Business of Translation
22. Freelance Translating
23. Translation Problems & Strategies
24. Interpreting Studies 

Anticipated Audience
The event is intended for all scholars, professional translators and research students from the discipline
of translation studies, Quranic studies, inter-cultural studies , linguistics, social science and others having
a link with translation and translation studies.
The conference paper can be presented in one of three languages i.e. Arabic, English and Urdu.

General Rules for Paper Submission
For Abstract:

 Abstracts of 300-500 words typed on A4 size paper in double space on MS-Word. (Please send
both word and pdf files)

 Short Bio- Data:
A short Bio-data, not more than 200 words shall be included with Abstract, Including full name, contact
details, affiliation and most recent research details and publications.

Conference Calendar:
 Call for paper: February 1, 2018
Last date for submission of abstracts: March 31, 2018
 Intimation of accepted abstracts: April 30, 2018
 Last date for submission of full text papers: July 31, 2018
 September 30 final selection of full text papers by the Academic committee
Conference date: November 27-28, 2018
 Conference Venue: Quaid-e-Azam Auditorium Old Campus

Guidelines for Researchers
1. The subject and study of the research paper should correspond to the theme, sub-themes,
scope or dimensions of the conference.
2. The research rules such as research methodology and documenting style of references and
sources should be abided by.
3. Due attention should be paid to the accuracy of the language, narrative, facts, sources and
4. The paper should contain original research and it should not be the one already published
elsewhere or presented in a conference or a seminar.
5. The research paper should comprise of 25-30 pages, A4 size, inclusive of the references and
6. The foreign terms and names must be italicized as well as written in English within brackets and
transliterated, if applicable.
7. Chicago Manual of Style 2016 should be followed for references.
8. The references, notes and comments should be recorded as footnotes not as endnotes.
9. The annexure(s), bibliography and indexes should be given at the end of research paper.
10. The research paper should be computer typed in Word-format.
11. The first page should specify full title of the research paper, name and designation of the
researcher as well as work/academic affiliation and correspondence email.
12. The abstracts may be emailed to: ictpd@iiu.edu.pk or the composed draft can be delivered in
person or through courier to the Conference Secretariat (Room No: C-17. Block, : Imam Abu
Hanifa, New Campus International Islamic University, H-10 Islamabad, Pakistan).

Conference Secretariat/ To Contact
Muhammad Muneeb Shahid
Conference Coordinator, Department of Translation & Interpretation
Faculty of Arabic
International Islamic University
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone office: +92-51-9019687
Cell: +92-323-5137062
Email: ictpd@iiu.edu.pk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Department-of-Translation-Interpretation-IIUI315837615218354/

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