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The Journal of Translator Education and Translation Studies (TETS)

The TETS Journal is happy to announce a call for papers devoted to issues in the areas of Translator Education and Translation Studies.

We are looking forward to publishing articles in which authors will, inter alia:

   -  tackle conceptual frameworks;
   - dispute the historical, social, institutional and cultural dimensions of translation;
   -  discuss research methodologies;
   -  share classroom practices, experience and achievements in translator education;
   -  report research findings.

Peer-Review Policy

All manuscripts submitted for publication in the TETS Journal will undergo peer reviews. Further details about the paper review process, submission guidelines, and copyright issues can be found on the TETS Journal homepage under For Authors.

Paper submission

Submit a paper for publication in the Journal of Translator Educator and Translation Studies through the Article Submission form or by email :editor@tetsjournal.org
Submission deadlines: 31 August 2016 (early-bird submission) or 10th September 2016 (regular submission).

On behalf of the editorial team,

Academic Editor                                                               Editor-in-Chief

Maria Piotrowska                                                            Mariusz Marczak

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