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Persian Translation of Traditionalism: Religion in the Light of the Perennial Philosophy

Iran Book News Agency, 31 December 2011. According to Kourang Beheshti, "Traditionalism: religion in the light of the perennial philosophy" is the first book on the Perennial School that is available in Persian. It makes a survey of the main ideas of prioneers of Perennial Philosophy such as Rene Guenon, Kumaraswamy, and Frithjof Schuon.

IBNA: Reza Kourang Beheshti, translator of "Traditionalism: religion in the light of the perennial philosophy" introduced the volume as a comprehensive report of the traditional school of thought known as the Perennial School. 

According to him, this is the first book on the Perennial School that is available in Persian. 

The book resulted from the PhD dissertation of 'Kenneth Oldmeadow' in religion studies written in 2000. He is now cooperating with World Wisdom Publishing House active in releasing philosophical and religious books. 

Then referring to outstanding figures of the Perennial School he said: "Rene Guenon, Kumaraswamy, and Frithjof Schuon were the pioneers of this field of philosophy. After them, Martin Lings, Titus Burckhardt, Whitall Perry and Marco Pallis are the most important figures of Perennial Philosophy. The author has also mentioned Seyyed Hossein Nasr as an Iranian Perennial philosopher. Yet the author's focus is mainly on the ideas of Schuon as the most significant representative of this school. And Seyyed Hossein Nasr is somehow influenced by this figure." 

Kourang Beheshti continued: "These philosophers sought to revive the principles of traditional thought. The traditionalists firmly believe in the manifestation of these principles in religions or at least in true religions, such as the Abrahamic and Eastern religions. They tend to rehabilitate traditional truths manifested in religions. The traditionalists believe in a rather internal form of unity than a formal one, and they are preoccupied with a comparative study of religions and traditions." 

One chapter of the book, according to him, deals with a bibliography of criticisms regarding the Perennial Philosophy. Beheshti added: "By classifying these critical views, the author attempts to respond to some of them while he admits some other critiques of the Perennial school." 

He also informed IBNA of the completion of the translation of two more Perennial Philosophy books by Frithjof Schuon that are to be published by Hekmat Javidan Publishing House. 

Last year the book "Traditionalism: religion in the light of the perennial philosophy" was published by Hekmat Javidan Publishing House in 488 pages. The book is the shortlisted nominee of the Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Source: http://www.ibna.ir/vdcdfk0f9yt0xn6.em2y.html


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