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Prof.  Martha Cheung Passed Away

Martha Pui Yiu Cheung, born 18th July 1953, passed away on Tuesday 10 September 2013. She  was Chair Professor in Translation and Director of the Centre of Translation at Hong Kong Baptist University

A vigil will be held at the Hong Kong Funeral Home North Point on Sept 29. The funeral service will be held on Sept 30, 9-10 am, followed by cremation at Cape Collinson at 11 am. Donations can be sent to Martha's brother, Henry, at the following address: Henry Cheung, 24A Block2, 61 South Bay Road, Hong Kong

Henry will distribute donations to charitable organizations of Martha's choice. Flowers can be sent to Hong Kong Funeral Home addressed to Martha Pui Yiu CHEUNG on September 29 at the following address: 679 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong

The Translation Programme and Faculty of Arts at HKBU will be holding a memorial service for Martha in early October. Details of the service will be sent in a separate post. Farewell Martha. May you rest in peace.

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