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Queen’s University Research Fellowships

Queen's University Research Fellowships
Queen's University
Belfast, Ireland

For more information, please contact Piotr Blumczynski at P.Blumczynski@qub.ac.uk

Our new Research Fellowship Scheme has been established to attract outstanding and ambitious researchers from across the globe to join Queen's University. Our successful Fellows will be able to access exceptional support to enable them to become leaders in their field. As a Queen’s Research Fellow you will initiate, develop and manage high level research projects in line with the University's research strategy. The scheme is a key element of the University's vision and aims to build world class leadership in cross-disciplinary areas of research excellence, with relevance to society.

This prestigious four-year Research Fellowship is a fantastic opportunity to build upon the foundations of an academic career and will lead to an academic post, subject to performance. The purpose of the scheme is to support the Fellows in pursuing their research. There will be a lighter teaching load and administration responsibilities during the award. Some teaching responsibilities will be introduced into the role to ensure the post-holder can transition appropriately to an academic post.

Full details about the scheme are available here: http://www.qub.ac.uk/sites/QUBJobVacancies/FeaturedJobs/QueensUniversityResearchFellowshipScheme

Subject to meeting certain criteria, holders of these Fellowships will be offered an academic post in Queen's at the end of the four years.

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