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Survey on translation programs in the MENA region ( Middle East and North Africa)

Call for faculty and teaching staff working within translation departments in the Arabic context to contribute into this research endeavor

Dear colleague,

This research paper aims at exploring and documenting faculty and instructors' pedagogical practices within translation classrooms and programs. A similar study has been carried out within the framework of our doctoral work on the context of Qatar. Now, we intend to enlarge the study to include other countries in the Arab world, especially the countries in the Gulf and North Africa. I will highly appreciate it if you could contribute to this promising research in our region in order to contextualize and improve our practices.

I look forward for your valuable support by answering the following questions in this survey. Your participation in this process is very important. By completing this survey you will provide essential data on your opinion regarding the pedagogical practices that should characterize the training of translators and the role of integrating different disciplines in the educational experience of future multilingual and multicultural mediators and service providers in the region.

All responses remain confidential and you do not have to answer all questions if you do not wish to. Should you need more information prior to your agreement to complete the survey, you can contact me directly on one of the following email addresses: Fouad.El.Karnichi@USherbrooke.ca or fouadelkarnichi@gmail.com or you may likewise contact Prof. Francois Larose ( Acting as collaborator).

We know your time is valuable but the questionnaire takes only fifteen minutes maximum and your participation is essential since it gives a scientific validity to this research.

Thank you in advance for the time you have given to this inquiry.

Fouad El Karnichi

Click here to access the survey interface: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/V2HGSF7

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