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The Martha Cheung Prize in Translation 2014-15

The Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities

In honour of our colleague, Martha P. Y. Cheung, a Founding Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities, we are initiating an annual prize to give recognition and encouragement to scholars in Hong Kong working in translation and translations studies.

The inaugural prize will be awarded to a book that will be published in the 2014 or 2015 calendar years. Prize-winners will be invited to attend a presentation ceremony hosted by the Academy and to give an address outlining the significance of the winning book.

Eligibility and entry

1. The Prize of HK$10,000 is given annually to the best book in translation or in translation studies according to the year [see paragraphs 2 and 3 below] published by a humanities scholar in Hong Kong [see paragraph 7 below]. All scholars in disciplines found under the Humanities and Creative Arts cost centres within RAE Panels will be eligible.

2. An eligible book will be the author’s scholarly translation or work in translation studies, published in the 2014 and 2015 calendar years. The book may be written either in Chinese or in English. Entries will be assessed for their originality, significance and rigour.

3. An inclusive conception of the humanities will be used to determine eligibility. Entries from scholars outside the standard disciplines [see paragraph 1 above] may be considered. Such applicants should contact the Chair of the Prize Committee and make a case for inclusion.

4. Eligible books must have been published or earmarked for publication within the two year period in which the call for entries is made. The prize will be given in the first year (2014) for a scholarly translation, and during the second year (2015) for a work in translation studies.

5. Eligible books must be published by a recognized publisher. Self-published or in-house publications are not eligible.

6. Entries must be received in printed form. Applicants should complete the form found at www.hkhumanities.hk under Book Prizes, and then submit three physical copies of their work to the address found in paragraph 8 below.

7. Eligible scholars must be Hong Kong residents, appointees at a Hong Kong institution of higher education with a substantive full-time appointment. Visiting appointees are not eligible.

8. Copies of published books (or proofs or typescripts) should reach the Chair of the Martha Cheung Prize in Translation Committee by 1 October 2014 or 1 October 2015, depending on the nature of the prize [see paragraph 4 above]. They should be sent to The Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities, Shatin Post Office, P. O. Box 852, Shatin, N.T.

9. Books as yet unpublished must be accompanied by a letter from the publisher confirming the date of publication. Books entered must be accompanied by a statement by the author confirming that, at the time of entry, he or she meets the eligibility requirement under paragraph 7 above.

10. All books will be read by Fellows of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities with specific expertise in the field of the entry. A short list of notable entries for the first prize translation will be made in January 2015, with the winner being announced before April 2015. A short list of notable entries for the first prize in translation studies will be made in January 2016, with the winner being announced before April 2016.