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The Travelling Text

Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing and Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar invite you to participate in The Traveling Text, a conference on the art of translation, and the translation of literature from April 3-4, 2011 in the Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar building at Qatar Foundation.

This is the second Gulf-based platform to discuss issues related to translation and will function at both theoretical and practical levels. Panels of top literary translators including Amanda Hopkinson, Daniel Hahn, Jason Grunebaum, and Arch Tait will discuss philosophies and strategies of translation in general. Groups of translators will meet in workshops with leading practitioners and educators including Sameh Hanna, Samia Touati, Afnan Fatani, and Nabial Zouaoui to focus on various aspects of the craft in relation to Arabic/English and English/Arabic translation. This event is free and open to the public so please share with those for whom it may be of interest. For more information on plenary speakers, workshop topics, or to register please visit the conference website: http://qatar.cmu.edu/771/translation.

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