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Translation: New Destinations

Third International Translation Studies Conference

Istanbul, 8-10 May 2013

Yıldız Technical University
Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of French Translation and Interpreting

Call for Papers

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Department of French Translation and Interpreting is organizing an international translation studies conference in order to provide a framework for discussing new destinations in translation studies.  

Translation, an impetus for human evolution, is one of the most important subject matters in academic research in line with innovations of our era. Going beyond imposing limits, translation studies is enriched by new perspectives and travels to new destinations. Considering translation as a multifaceted concept which involves numerous parameters, this conference proposes the opportunity to explore theoretical and practical issues in translation with innovative points of view, to analyze the nature of present-day problematics and develop possible solutions.

Papers will be 20 minutes with a further 10 minutes of discussion and are to be presented in French, English and Turkish. Please send a 250-400 word abstract by 5 November 2012 tocolloqueistanbul2013@gmail.com, including key words, a brief biographical note and e-mail address.

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