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Winners of Cinema Book of the Year awards announced

TEHRAN -- The winners of the Cinema Book of the Year awards, which is annually organized by the Iranian House of Cinema (IHC), were announced during a ceremony on Saturday.

The Best Written Book Award went to Shahpur Shahbazi for writing “The Theories of Screenplay” and Fattah Mohammadi won the Best Translated Book Award for translating “Film: An Introduction” written by William H. Phillips.

Mohammadi received the award from IHC Managing Director Mohammad-Mehdi Asgarpur.

Asgarpur said that the IHC faces serious problems.

“However, the IHC Board of Director insisted on organizing the Cinema Book of the Year awards this year,” he added.

He referred to some widely exaggerated numbers of the Iranian book readers, which were announced by an MP in a TV program last week, and said, “The people who publicize high numbers for readers and book publications in Iran and think that we have many book readers are wrong, but it is more painful when the incorrect numbers were announced by a representative of the people in the Majlis.”

Due to its independent stands on various issues, the IHC been censured by certain Iranian officials over the past few years.

In September, it was criticized for the issuance of a statement over the arrest of six Iranian documentary filmmakers, who have been accused of “collaboration with the BBC Persian service” in Iran.

Afterward, the minister of culture an Islamic guidance questioned the legitimacy of the IHC.

He said the IHC is obligated to inform the Public Culture Council about any change in its charter, but the IHC has not announced to the council about some amendments that have recently been made to the charter.

“Consequently, the guild faces a serious question about its legitimacy,” Mohammad Hosseini said.

No specific comment has been made by the IHC about this issue, but, in fact, the Iranian cineastes’ guild faces a serious crisis.

“The official attitude toward the IHC was previously thought to be spontaneous, but today, it seems to be organized,” Asgarpur said.

“Some certain people are seeking to denigrate the Iranian cinema family and it seems that they are doing it on purpose,” he noted.

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