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Rezoulutionist Hip Hop

Translating Global Voices and Local Identities

Author/Editor: Taviano, Stefania

Year of publication: 2012

Keywords: hip hop, globalization, localization, translation, language agency, identity, narrative, blogging

Place of Publication & Publisher: Intralinea, Volume 14

Publisher URL: http://www.intralinea.org/current/article/rezoulutionist_hip_hop

ISBN/ISSN: 1827-000X

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Hip Hop outside the USA is the result of a complex interaction between a global form of music expressed through a global language, English, on the one hand and localization processes through which these global practices are reinterpreted and recreated within different social and cultural contexts, on the other. Drawing on Hip Hop linguistics and translation theory, this paper focuses on Hip Hop in Sudan, particularly on Dza Tha Dissenter, Hip Hop artist, political activist and blogger, to show how translation, both as a process inherent to globalization and a critical perspective, can contribute to an understanding of how English is appropriated by Sudanese Hip Hop musicians in the performance of their identity and how they exploit this common tool to negotiate their belonging to a global community based on local identities.

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