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The Effects of Shifts in Translation of Azeri Turkish into English

Author/Editor: Ardahaei, Ramin Rezaei

Year of publication: 2010

Keywords: Azeri, Turkish

Place of Publication & Publisher: Tehran: Rahnama Press Publications

Publication blurb:

This study investigates different types of shifts in the English translation of one satirical short story entitled 'Letter Box' in Azerbaijani Turkish by Djalil Mamedkulizede, the founder of the Journal Molla Nasreddin (1866-1932). Specifically, the study examines the frequency of usage of each type of translation strategy as presented by Vinay and Darbelnet (1995), i.e. direct translation and oblique translation and their subgroups at the levels of lexicon, structure and message.

Author e-mail: raminn.rezaei@yahoo.com

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