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The Translator Special Issue: Nation and Translation in the Middle East

Author/Editor: Selim, Samah (ed.)

Year of publication: 2009

Place of Publication & Publisher: The Translator 15 (1), Manchester/ Kinderhook: St. Jerome.

Publisher URL: http://www.stjerome.co.uk/tsa/issue/29/

ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-905763-13-9

Publication blurb:

While the papers assembled in this special issue of The Translator each address specific translation histories and practices in the Middle East, the broader questions they raise regarding the location and the historicity of translation offer a fruitful intervention into contemporary debates in translation studies on difference, fidelity and the ethics of translation. The volume opens with two essays that situate translation at the intersection of national canons, postcolonial cultural hegemonies and ‘private’ market or activist-based initiatives in Egypt and Turkey. Other contributions discuss the utility of translation paradigms as a counterweight to the dominant orientalist historiography of modern print culture in the Arab World; the role of the translator as political agent and social reformer in twentieth-century Egypt; and the relationship between language, translation and the politics of identity in the multi-ethnic and multilingual Islamicate contexts of the Abbasid and Mughal Empires. The volume also includes a general bibliography on translation and the Middle East.