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In the framework of the mapping of translation in the Mediterranean, co-produced by the Anna Lindh Foundation and Transeuropéennes in 2010

Author/Editor: Chèvre, Mathilde

Year of publication: 2010

Keywords: Translation, Children, Literature

Place of Publication & Publisher: Transeuropéennes, Paris & Anna Lindh Foundation, Alexandria - 2010

Publication blurb:

The following study is conducted by Transeuropéennes in partnership with the Anna Lindh Foundation (Translating in the Mediterranean). It is a component of the first mapping of translation in the Mediterranean, led since 2010 by Transeuropéennes and the Anna Lindh Foundation (Euro-Mediterranean programme for translation), in partnership with over fifteen organizations from all over the Union for the Mediterranean.
Sharing a common and wider vision of translation, of the central role that it must play in Euro-Mediterranean relationships, in the enrichment of languages, in the development of societies, in the production and circulation of knowledge and imaginaries, the partners gathered around this project shall use this inventory as a basis to formulate and take long term actions.

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