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Translations from Arabic in Lithuania, 1990-2010

Author/Editor: Volkov Oleg

Year of publication: 2010

Keywords: Translation, Arabic, Lithuanian and literature

Place of Publication & Publisher: Next Page Foundation

Publication blurb:

Today's translation market in Lithuania seems to be colorful, as books are being translated from
almost all European languages. However, the situation with Oriental languages, including
Arabic, is different. This is rooted in the lack of translators, specializing in Oriental languages,
also in few opportunities of training to become a translator.
The first thing one must know is that no titles were translated into Lithuanian directly from
Arabic. All titles of the Arabic literary heritage, which are present now, have been translated
through a third language. The aim of this article is to unfold the presence of Arabic literature
(both written in Arabic, or by Arab authors in other languages) in Lithuanian translations in the
independence era (1990-). A second goal is to give an explanation of the current situation.

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