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Validation of the Arabic Humor Styles Questionnaire in a Community Sample of Lebanese in Lebanon

Author/Editor: Taher, Dana, Shahe S. Kazarian and Rod A. Martin

Year of publication: 2008

Place of Publication & Publisher: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, London: Sage

Publisher URL: http://jcc.sagepub.com/

ISBN/ISSN: ISSN: 0022-022 / eISSN: 1552-5422

Publication blurb:

The Humor Styles Questionnaire (HSQ) is a measure of two potentially beneficial (affiliative and self-enhancing) and two potentially detrimental (self-defeating and aggressive) humor styles. Validation of the Arabic translation of the HSQ in the Lebanese culture, in which the self is construed as interdependent and in-group relatedness is seen as the primary determinant of well-being, indicates that four humor styles exist in the Lebanese context but that aggressive humor is less clearly distinct in this case, that self-defeating humor may be less clearly maladaptive for the interdependent self of the Lebanese, and that the four humor styles are not as strong predictors of psychological and social well-being in the Lebanese context as they are in the West. The findings suggest conceptual rethinking of humor styles in cultural contexts in which the self is construed as interdependent.

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