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White House Interpreter

The Art of Interpretation

Author/Editor: Harry Obst

Year of publication: 2010

Place of Publication & Publisher: Kinderhook

Publisher URL: http://intransbooks.com/book_story/1452006156

ISBN/ISSN: 1452006156

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Harry Obst interpreted for seven American presidents. This book takes a look at five of them from the interpreter's perspective inside and outside the Oval Office: Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan. After finishing White House Interpreter, the reader will understand what interpreting is all about and why this profession is of considerable importance to many segments of our society: from the White House to the courthouse, from the military battlefield to our hospitals. Obst examines the dismal training picture in the United States and urges remedial action. The book is written for the general reader. The author avoids the linguistic jargon. He mixes the technical information with interesting anecdotes, many of them never published before.