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Amman 2011

Date(s): 5-7 September 2011 (Note: This workshop has been rescheduled due to recent events in Egypt and seveal other countries in the region; the original dates were 21-23 February)

Venue: Amman, Jordan

The teaching staff for the 2011 Amman Workshop include Professor Mona Baker (University of Manchester, UK), Professor Myriam Salama-Carr (University of Salford, UK), and Dr. Şebnem Susam-Sarajeva (University of Edinburgh, UK). Delegates include participants from Palestine (Jerusalem and Gaza), Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

For a report on the event, with photographs, click here


Egypt: Sherif Hasan Ismail, Soheir Mahfouz
Iran: Katayoon Afzali, Mehrmoosh Fakharzadeh
Iraq: Mushtaq Abdullah Jameel, Khalid Ismail Ali
Jordan: Amer Al-Adwan, Abdullah Shunnaq, Jehan Zitawi, Linah Ababneh, Muhammad Al-Diri
Lebanon: Hoda Moucannas
Oman: Saad Hatem Hasan
Palestine: Mahmoud Al-Hirthani (Gaza), Rana AlSaleh (Jerusalem), Mohammed Lafi (Gaza)
Syria: Rima Al-Hakim, Maha Al Saloom
Turkey: Sevda Ayluçtarhan, Kerem Demirtas
Yemen: Ahmed Alabbasi, Hussein Al-bahji

Teaching Staff

Prof. Mona Baker

Mona Baker is Professor of Translation Studies at the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester, UK. She is author of In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation (Routledge, 1992; second edition 2011) and Translation and Conflict: A Narrative Account (Routledge, 2006), Editor of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies (1998, 2001; second edition, co-edited with Gabriela Saldanha, 2009); Critical Concepts: Translation Studies (Routledge, 2009); and Critical Readings in Translation Studies (Routledge, 2010). She is also founding Editor of The Translator (St. Jerome Publishing, 1995- ), Editorial Director of St. Jerome Publishing, and founding Vice-President of IATIS (International Association for Translation & Intercultural Studies).

Dr. Şebnem Susam-Sarajeva

Dr. Şebnem Susam-Sarajeva is Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at Edinburgh University,UK. She is author of Theories on the Move: Translation’s Role in the Travels of Literary Theories (Rodopi 2008),and editor of Translation and Music (Special issue of The Translator, St.Jerome, 2008). She is also the author of chapters in Writing Back and/ in Translation (edited by Raoul Granqvist, Peter Lang 2008), Gender, Sex and Translation: The Manipulation of Identities (edited by José Santaemilia, St. Jerome 2006) and Crosscultural Transgressions. Research Models in Translation Studies II: Historical and Ideological Issues (edited by Theo Hermans, St. Jerome 2002), and of articles in journals such as The Translator and Target. Dr. Susam-Sarajeva has translated Towards Natural Birth. Normal Birth Stories from 20 Mothers and Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day into Turkish and is Vice President of IATIS (International Association for Translation & Intercultural Studies).

Prof. Myriam Salama-Carr

Myriam Salama-Carr is Professor of Translation Studies in the School of Languages, Centre for Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies at the University of Salford, Manchester. She is the Director of the National Network for Translation, as part of the Higher Education Funding Council-funded initiative, Routes into Languages.  Her research interests and publications are in the history and historiography of translation and in ideology and translation. She is the author of La traduction à l’époque abbasside (Didier Erudition 1990), and the editor of Translating & Interpreting Conflict (Rodopi 2007), Translation and Conflict  (Special Issue of Social Semiotics 17:2, 2007) and co-editor of Ideology and Cross-Cultural Encounters – Research & Methodology in Translation and Interpreting (Special Issue of Forum vol 7:1, 2009).


Dr. Katayoon Afzali - Iran
Katayoon Afzali  holds a PhD in teaching English as a foreign language and is an assistant professor at Sheikhbahaee University/Iran. She has lectured in English conversation, writing and grammar, letter writing, fiction, literary translation, principles of translation, film translation, as well as engaging in and supervising research for the past ten years. She has spent six months in Melbourne on sabbatical and has participated in a number of conferences, including MLMA 2007, Turkey, BSBS 2008, Bulgaria, and PALA 2010, Italy. Her research interests include discourse analysis, literary studies, literary translation, film translation and stylistic analysis. Her publications include: 'Strategic needs of Iranian students in developing their literary competence' (Asian ESP, Vol 3/1, 2008); 'An interlanguage study of article acquisition by Iranian students: A semantic perspective' (Sheikhbahaee research Bulletin, Vol 5(1), pp. 71-88, 2009); 'A needs analysis survey: the case of tourism letter writing in Iran' (ESP World); 'Strategic needs of Iranian students in reading literary and non-literary texts: A dialogic approach' (To be published in September 2011 in the Asian EFL journal); 'Reading literary subgenres: The case of fiction and literary essays' (To be published in Us-China Foreign Language).

Dr. Ahmed Alabbasi - Yemen
Ahmed Alabbasi is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Sana’a University, Yemen, where he has been lecturing since 2006. Dr Alabassi received his BA in English from Sana’a University, and his MA in 1999 from School of Islamic, Social Sciences and English language studies in a joint  Program with Howard University, Virginia,USA. He received his doctorate in Translation Studies from the University of Science in Malaysia. His research interests include the translation of Qur'anic rhetoric, audio-visual translation and the translatability of cultural expressions. He has published in journals in Yemen, Oman and Malaysia and has attended  international conferences in Yemen, Oman, Malaysia and the UAE.

Dr. Amer Al-Adwan - Jordan
Dr. Amer Al-Adwan is Assistant professor of Translation and Intercultural Studies at Jordan University and Assistant professor of Translation and Intercultural Studies at The Applied Science University, Jordan. He received his BA in English Language and Literature from Yarmouk University, Jordan in 2003, and his MA in Applied Translation in 2005 from the University of Exeter, UK. He received her doctorate in Translation and Intercultural Studies from the University of Manchester in 2009. He is a member of the Jordanian Translators’ Association, and has been a freelance translator and subtitler for the BBC and Al-Jazeera since 2005.

Muhammad Al-Diri - Jordan
Dr. Al-Diri has eight years of experience as a translator, proofreader, and writer. He worked for a number of companies and educational institutions in both Jordan and Saudi Arabia. These included the Sebai Institute for Medical Training in Madinah and Riyadh-KSA, NextMove, Knowledge Horizon for Learning Solutions, Tajdeed at-Turath for Research and Methodological Studies, and Xotox Jordan for Design. He also handled translation and copywriting projects for a number of Jordanian engineering companies such as Babel Contracting Co. and the Consolidated Consultants (CC), where he worked on HR and Corporate Profile projects. Dr. Al-Diri was an English instructor at a medical institute in Saudi Arabia. He also held the position of the Head of the English Department at the Sebai Institute-Madinah branch. He holds a post-graduate Diploma in English Applied Linguistics from the Jordanian University of Science and Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Yarmouk University in Jordan.

Dr. Hussein Al-bahji - Yemen
Dr. Hussein Al-bahji is Lecturer in English at the University of Science and Technology, Sana'a. He has been Dean of the International College since 2010. Dr. Al-bahji received his BA in ELT from Sana’a University in 1996, and his MA in English  Literature  from Sana'a University in 2005. He received his doctorate in Modern  English  Literature  from the University of Sana'a in 2009. He is highly involved in student welfare and holds intercultural discussions between Yemeni intellectuals and foreign students. Dr. Al-bahji's publications include “Grow up with English”, published by Dar Al-wasilah, Sana’a, and High School Student’s English Book , for secondary students funded by Al- Jeel Al-Jadeed ,Est. Sana’a.

Dr. Rima Al-Hakim - Syria
Dr. Al-Hakim is Dean of HITI (the Higher Institute of Translation and Interpreting) at the university of Damascus in Syria. She has lectured at the University for 18 years and has also lecutered in universities in Algeria and Lebanon. Dr. Al-Hakim studied at Damascus University, Syria, and at the University of Leeds, UK. A founding member of HITI, Dr. Al-Hakim has also translated and interpreted professionally for the UN, EU, OIC, and various Syrian ministries. She has contributed to and co-edited the Arab Encyclopedia. Dr. Al-Hakim is a founding member of the Syrian Environmental Association.

Mahmoud Al-Hirthani - Gaza, Palestine
Mahmoud Al-Hirthani is lecturer in Translation and Intercultural Studies at Alaqsa University, Gaza. Dr Al-Hirthani received his BA in English Language and Literature from the Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine in 1998, and his MA in Bilingual Translation, English/Arabic – Arabic/ English in 2002 from the University of Westminster, London. He received his doctorate in Translation and Intercultural Studies from the University of Manchester in 2009. He was a Member of the Organizing committee of the Postgraduate Conference on Translation Across Cultures at the University of Manchester, UK in 2008. His research interestsfocus on the topic of his doctoral degree: Edward Said in Arabic: Narrativity and Paratextual Framing.

Rana AlSaleh - Jerusalem, Palestine
Rana AlSaleh works as a translator for the British support team of the British Consulate General in Jerusalem.  She holds a degree in English Language and Literature from An-Najah National University in Palestine. Her interests include research on the importance of translation in the context of war and the protection that translators should be accorded in such circumstances.

Dr. Maha Al Saloom - Syria
Dr. Al Saloom is a lecturer in Translation Studies at Al-Baath University, Homs. She has been Assistant Dean in the Faculty of Arts in Hama since 2007. Maha Al Saloom received her BA in English from Al-Baath University, Homs, and her MA in Translation Studies from the University of Portsmouth, UK. She received her doctorate in Translation Studies from the same University in 2003. Her research areas of interest include addition and deletion in the English translation of Yusef Idris' "The Shame" and the translator's Intervention and its relationship tothe acceptability and adequacy of translation. She has supervised an MA Dissertation entitled A Critical Analysis of the English Translation of Naguib Mahfouz's Palace Walk.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Ismail Ali
Professor Ali has a licentiate in English Literature and Language (with Honour) from Baghdad University and a Dr. Phil. in Oriental Languages from the University of Heidelberg. He speaks and writes Arabic, English, German and modern Hebrew, and is an expert in ancient languages, including Biblical Hebrew, Classical Syriac, Aramaic, Ugaritic, and Epigraphic South Arabic. He has held university positions in Germany, Iraq and Jordan and was most recently Dean of the College of Languages at Baghdad University between 2005 and 2007. He has translated several books from German and English into Arabic and supervised Diploma Theses in translation from Hebrew into Arabic. He is currently a British Institute in Amman Visiting Research Fellow, co-supported by the Rescue Scholar Fund and CARA.

Sevda Ayluçtarhan - Turkey
Sevda Ayluçtarhan is a PhD candidate at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey. She received her BA in History in 2002, and her MA in Translation Studies in 2007 from the same university. Her doctorate is on the topic of Translations/Translators as Vehicles/ Agents of Political Critique in Ottoman and Egyptian Societies of the 19th and early 20th centuries. She has presented papers at various international conferences such as the Winter School on “Textual Practices Beyond Europe 1500-1900”, American University, Cairo in 2010, the Third Asian Translation Traditions Conference in 2008, and the Saliha Paker Colloquium of the same year.

Kerem Demirtas - Turkey
Kerem Demirtas is a lecturer in the department of Translation and Interpreting at Ege University in Izmir. He has also lectured at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, and was a research assistant at Mugla University.Kerem received his BA in English Language and Literature at Ege University and his MA is from the department of Translation and Interpreting Studies at Mugla University. He is currently studying for a PhD at the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies at Yildiz Technical University. He teaches undergraduate courses in Introduction to Translation Studies, Literary Translation, Language and Mass Media. His research interests include Theatre Studies, intercultural performance, drama translation, literary translation, and he has presented a paper on Reflexivity and Translation Studies at the X. International Language, Literature and Stylistics Symposium. (3-5 February, 2010) at Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey.

Mehrmoosh Fakharzadeh - Iran
Mehrmoosh Fakharzadeh is a Ph.D candidate studying TEFL at University of Isfahan, Iran. She got her MA. in the same major at the same university. Her areas of interest are discourse analysis, pragmatics, Task-Based LT, and translation.She has also published articles on ESP in ESP world and JLLT. She has lectured on principles and methodology of translation, reading, simple text translation, advanced text translation, letter writing, listening and speaking and political text translation. She has attended a number of conferences, including BSBS 2008, Bulgaria, and PALA 2010, Italy.

Saad Hatem Hasan - Oman
Saad Hatem Hasan is English lecturer at Mazoon College, Muscat, Oman. He has been teaching there since 2007 and has been Academic Programme Coordinator since 2009 . Saad Hatem received his BA in English Language & Literature from Baghdad University, Iraq in 1999, and his MA in English Language and Translation Studies in 2003 from Yarmouk University, Jordan. He has begun research for his doctorate in curriculum design and material development for special-purpose language courses at USM University, Penang, Malaysia. He has been a professional translator for over 14 years and joined the Iraqi Translators Association and the Federal Translators Association in 1999.

Sherif Hasan Ismail - Egypt
Sherif Hasan Ismail is assistant lecturer at Ain Shams University, Cairo, where he received an MA in comparative Literature (First class honors and a recommendation for publication), and a B.A. in English Language and Literature (Very good with honors). He also has a B.Ed.in English Language and Literature (Very good with honors) from Helwan University. He has presented aninvited paper entitled 'Tristram Shandy and The Life of al-Faryaq: Towards a Comparative Reading' at  the International Workshop: The Work and Life of Ahmad Faris Shidyaq at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Berlin, March 6-8, 2008). His publications include 'Tristram Shandy and The Life and Adventures of al-Faryaq: Textual and Contextual Affinities' in The Life and Work of Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq (Eds. Fawwaz Traboulsi and Barbara Winckler. Wiesbaden: Reichert, in Press). Sherif's research interests include comparative aesthetics/poetics, the theory and history of the novel, early modern Arabic literature, poststructuralism and postcolonialism, and translation theories.

Mushtaq Abdullah Jameel - Iraq
Mushtaq Abdullah Jameel is currently studying for his MA at Mosul University, Iraq, and was a recent Academic Visitor to the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies (CTIS) at Manchester University, UK. He has also been a practising lawyer since 2008 and a member of the Iraqi Bar Association since 2004. Mushtaq has a BA in Translation and another in Law from Mosul University, and his MA thesis topic is on "Investigating Selected Excerpts Of Two Translations Of William Faulkner's  Novel (Light In August): A Discoursal Assessment". He joined the Iraqi Human Rights Association in 2005 and the Iraqi Translation Association in 2008. Mushtaq has also been a delegate at conferences in the UK, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

Mohammed Lafi - Gaza, Palestine
Mohammed Lafi is a Lecturer in English and Translation at Al-Aqsa University, Gaza, and works as a freelance translator for local and international organizations in his free time.His master's degree was in Theory and Practice of Translation at SOAS and UCL,London, in 2004-2005. He has a BA in English and a postgraduate diploma in Education, both from the Islamic University, Gaza, Palestine. His main areas of interest are linguistics and translation studies, in particular how translation can be used to represent and misrepresent Arabic literature.

Dr. Soheir Mahfouz - Egypt
Dr. Soheir Mahfouz is an associate professor of English Linguistics, Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation in the Faculty of Al-Alsun (Languages), Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Mahfouz received her BA in English Language and Literature, Department of English, Ain Shams University in 1976, and her MA in Simultaneous Interpretation and Written Translation in 1979. She received her doctorate in English Stylistics in 1986, and was granted a post-doctoral scholarship from Birmingham University, U.K, in 1999. Dr. Mahfouz has been a member of the Egyptian British Friendship Association (EBFA) since 1998 and Editorial board member of مجلة الألسن للترجمة [Al-Alsun Magazine of Translation] since 2001. Her research interests include: Translation of Arabic poetry into English, English Prosody, Comparative Literature, Arabic language and literature. She has published in The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics (2009, Leiden: Brill), Philology, Literature & Linguistics Series (Cairo: Ain Shams University, Faculty of Al-Alsun Press), Fikr Wa Ibdaa (Cairo: Darul-Ibdaa`) and Al-Jadid, A Review & Record of Arab Culture and Art (Los Angeles). She has presented papers at various international conferences and has translated several books into Arabic, including Charles Lyall’s Introduction to the Diwans of `Abid Ibn Al-Abras, of Asad, and Diwan of `Amer Inbut-Tufai, Why Women Worry, and How to Stop, by Jane & Robert Handley and the Arabic Junior Encyclopedia.

Dr. Hoda Moucannas – Lebanon
Dr. Hoda Moucannas holds a PhD in Semiotics, Linguistics and Communication from the University of Franche-Comté (France) and MAs  in Psychology from the University of Dijon and in French Language and Literature from the Lebanese University in Beirut, where she has lectured since 1994. She has also taught at Saint-Joseph University, Saïda, Algeria, and at the Higher Arab Institute for  Translation, Universities of Algiers, Oran and Constantine, also in Algeria. In 2009 Dr. Moucannas was Visiting Professor at the University of Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France. She has been a freelance translator since 1982 and has translated Philippe Dufour, Alain Polguère, and Christine Durieux into Arabic. Her articles have been published in META and other leading translation and social science journals. She collaborated with Mathieu Guidère on Kalimat, le vocabulaire arabe (2003, Paris: Editions Ellipses) and is also a journalist for Kul al-Usra magazine.

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Shunnaq - Jordan

Abdullah Shunnaq is Professor of Translation and Linguistics and Chairman of the Translation Department at Yarmouk University, Jordan. His BA is from Damascus University, Syria and his MA is from the University of Salford, UK. He received his PhD in Linguistics (Translation) from the University of Manchester, UK in 1990. Prof. Dr. Shunnaq has made a broad contribution to the academic field, and his publications include translations as well as academic articles, books and textbooks. He co-edited Language, Discourse and Translation in the West and Middle East (1994, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins) with Robert de Beaugrande and Mohammed H. Heliel. He also writes scripts for radiio, and translates drama and short stories. Prof. Dr. Shunnaq has published in a number of peer-reviewd journals including BABEL, Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, Turjuman and The International Journal of Translation. He has participated in and chaired academic conferences in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the UK.

Dr. Jehan Zitawi - Jordan
Dr. Jehan Zitawi is an Associate Professor of Translation at Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates. She has been Dean of the University College since 2006 and the Interim Head of the Office of Academic Integrity since 2009. Dr. Zitawi received her BA in English Language and Literature in 1992, and her MA in Translation Studies in 1996 from Yarmouk University, Jordan. She received her doctorate in Translation Studies from the University of Manchester in 2004. She joined the Department of English at Abu Dhabi University in 2004. Her research interests include translation of children's literature and animation, politeness theory, screen translation, and legal translation. She has published in  leading translation journals such as Babel, META, and Across Languages and Cultures and presented papers at various international conferences such as the 4th International Conference on the Translation of Dialects in Multimedia, the 2nd International Conference “Media For All” - Text on screen, Text on air, and the 2nd Symposium on Intercultural, Cognitive and Social Pragmatics.


4 September: Participants arrive

Day One: 5 September
9.30                  Refreshments
10.00                Introduction
10.30-12:00    Session One – Linguistic Perspectives (MB)
12:00-12.30    Short break
12.30-2:00       Session Two – Interpretive Perspectives (MS-C)
2:00-4:00         Lunch break
4:00-5.30         Session Three – Research and Research Topics in Translation & Interpreting Studies (SS-S)

Day Two: 6 September
8.30                  Refreshments
9.00-10.30      Session Four – Sociological Perspectives (MB)
10.30-11:00    Break
11-12.30         Session Five – Historical Research in Translation & Interpreting Studies (MS-C)
12.30-1:00      Break
1-2:00              Q&A Session 1 – Drawing on theory in conducting research; link between theory and data (All)
2-4:00              Lunch break
4-5.30              Session Six – The Case Study Methodology in Translation & Interpreting Studies (SS-S)

Day Three: 7 September
8.30                  Refreshments
9.00-10.30      Session Seven – Research Training at Postgraduate Level (MB, SS-S, MS-C)
10.30-11:00    Break
11-12.30          Session Eight – Supervising Doctoral Students (Institutional Procedures & Systems (MB)
                                                        Working through & Refining the Research Design (S-SS)
                                                        Preparing students for viva and postdoc experience (MS-C)
12.30-1:00       Break
1-2:00               Short Demo of Use of Bibliographic Data
2-4:00               Lunch break
4-5.30               Q&A Session 2 – Open Q&A session, suggested topics:
                           publication outlets; institutional and international links; presenting at conferences, etc.
5.30                   Closing Remarks
8:00                   Farewell Dinner

8 September: Participants depart