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When people think about Bloomsday, the annual celebration of James Joyce’s Ulysses, they typically think of Dublin, the city in which the novel’s action take place — they probably wouldn’t think of Hong Kong. And yet, the region boasts one of Joyce’s most dedicated fan-bases.

Chinese sci-fi writer Liu Cixin 's Three-body Problem (三体, 刘慈欣著) in English translation reportedly sold 20,000 copies within three months of launch. The translator of the novel, Chinese-American Ken Liu, is also a sci-fi writer himself.

These days, a fatalistic refrain echoes around the publishing industry: there are more writers now than readers. But it’s evident that Americans readers do have a thirst for some translated literature.

Title: Postcolonial Affect: Embodied Social (Re-)Regulation in Colonization and Decolonization
Date: 9 February 2015
Time: 4-5:30 pm
Speaker: Prof. Douglas Robinson
Venue: Room RRS905, Sir Run Run Shaw Bldg., Ho Sin Hang Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

New Voices in Translation Studies is a refereed electronic journal co-sponsored by IATIS<http://www.iatis.org/> and the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies<http://www.ctts.dcu.ie/> (CTTS) at Dublin City University.

Netizens cry foul when a new Chinese media outlet selectively translates an Economist cover article.

The Royal Shakespeare Company received £1.5m grant to translate entire works of Shakespeare into Chinese. 14 Chinese plays will also be translated into English to allow UK audience to "experience the best of Chinese cuture".

A science fiction and fantasy magazine in the US is seeking funding support to publish more Chinese Sci-Fi in English.

Interview with Chinese writer Yan Lianke by Meng Mei in May 2014.

Interview with Mona Baker by Alice Guthrie in June 2014.

A selection of poems written by Dylan Thomas are being translated into the most widely-spoken language in the world to mark his centenary year.

A panel of experts discuss how translations reach the market — from finding the books to what translators should do when approaching publishers.


Collins Dictionary has picked "geek" as its word of the year to serve as a reminder of how an insult can be transformed into a badge of honour.


The translation of speeches into sign language at Nelson Mandela's memorial service was seen as a sign of inclusiveness, but it appears the sign language interpreter was a fake, according to several expert organisations.

David Tod Roy Completes His Translation of ‘Chin P’ing Mei’

According to the China’s Writers’ Association, there are only about 2-thousand translated contemporary Chinese titles on the global market. While Mo Yan fever is surely drawing more worldwide attention to Chinese literature, is this all happening too fast? and is there something getting lost in translation?

A scheme that makes a vital impact on a pressing social issue, yet costs almost nothing, sounds too good to be true. But that is the beauty of the young interpreter programme developed in schools in Hampshire.


"It was like rewriting the script from scratch," Gao Xingjian said at his evening lecture at the National Museum on Nov 8, one of the headline events of the Singapore Writers Festival, which ends on Nov 10. His one-hour lecture, conducted in Mandarin in the form of a lively dialogue with moderator and Chinese literary academic Quah Sy Ren, centered on globalisation and crossing cultures as well as different art forms.

The number of examinees sitting China's top translation test as the biannual two-day exam kicked off on Saturday reached 24,996, 9.8 percent more than sat it in the second half of 2012.


Chinese translation professionals — and government officials keen on expanding the country’s soft power overseas — are searching for lessons to be drawn from Mo Yan’s resounding success.

The Association for the Recognition of Excellence in SF & F Translation (ARESFFT) announced the finalists for the 2013 Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards (for works published in 2012).

What keeps people who don't know Chinese from watching Chinese films? Low production values? Confusing plots? Or is it the laughable English translation?



Any idea what a ‘Raute’ is? Or what a ‘sfigato’ is? Probably not, but imagine all the new English words invented every year and you get a sense of how the digital age and internet neologisms are challenging languages across the globe.

CLT interviews modern Chinese literature's greatest translator, Howard Goldblatt. The ensuing discussion illuminates the many paths Goldblatt has taken toward a life lived "his way," a mi manera. An unmistakably candid self-portrait of one of the most important figures in East-West literature, this imagined conversation touches on a number of controversial moments in Goldblatt's career and is sure to stir further discussion about the legacy of the voice and face of contemporary Chinese literature in the English language.




CLT interviews Wang Jiaxin. Wang, Professor of Literature at Renmin University, is not only a major poet, but also an important editor and translator, and an influential literary critic.

Andrea Lingenfelter, one of America's most seasoned translators of contemporary women's writings from China, reflects on the ways in which gender filters through the prism of different languages, cultures, genres, and idiosyncratic styles to inflect the process of translation itself.

A review of Foreign Echoes and Discerning the Soil: Dual Translation, Historiography, and World Literature in Chinese Poetry, by Lucas Klein

If Howard Goldblatt is doing his job well, no one realizes that he's doing it at all…Yet readers who pick up an English translation of a book by Mo Yan, Wang Shuo, Su Tong, or any other contemporary Chinese novelists are, more likely than not, reading Goldblatt.

Organizer: English PEN
Deadline for submission: 28 June 2013

Intralingo interviews Lucas Klein, a writer, translator, and editor whose translations, essays, and poems have appeared at Two Lines, Jacket, and Drunken Boat.

Review of Goldblatt’s translation of two Chinese novels - Mo Yan's Big Breasts and Wide Hips and Su Tong's My Life as Emperor.

日期:2013年 6月 15 日(星期六)
講者:吳雅珊博士 (香港大學中文學院教學顧問)

Dates: 22 Jul -2 Aug, 2013
Invited Speaker: Professor Maria TYMOCZKO
Website: http://www.researchschool.org/

"...Howard is superb and Mo Yan is appreciative of the excellence of his translation."

Prominent Chinese writer Yu Qiuyu said he plans to choose well-translated Chinese classics such as "The Analects of Confucius" as recommended books for foreign readers.

Karen Emmerich on Words Without Borders.


This year two newly translated novels have joined China’s “borderland fiction” category: Fan Wen’s Une terre de lait et de miel, located in the gateway to Tibet straddling Yunnan and Sichuan, and Chi Zijian’s Last Quarter of the Moon, which features the reindeer-herding Evenki whose lives revolve around the Argun River that demarcates the Sino-Russian border[…]

Literary agent Kelly Falconer, who this week formally celebrates the launch of her Asia Literacy Agency (ALA) in Hong Kong, has some strong words to say in defence of a group of people she feels are overlooked by the industry.

On the eve of this year’s Man Asian Literary Prize announcement, it’s worth considering why that’s still the case. The prize celebrates Asian literature written in, or translated into, English. While eligible authors span the continent from Japan to Iran, all previous winners have come from East Asia, and three out of those five from China.

A review on "ATLAS: The Archaeology of an Imaginary City", by Dung Kai-cheung, translated by Anders Hansson and Bonnie S. McDougall.

As China's annual political sessions approach, veteran Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) member Huang Youyi expresses his concern for China's present translation market.

A translator-who preferred to remain anonymous-discussed the issues raised in Shah's column and further delved into the intricacies of censorship through translation in the Chinese news media: Its method, its frequency, and its effect on the public.



歌德认为,就像国与国的贸易离不开货币一样,翻译就是两国进行知识外贸的交易媒介,而译者自然就成了这个活动的掮客。在同年的一次访谈中,歌德大胆地预言,随着这种文学交易的不断深入,未来会出现一种 “世界文学” (Weltliteratur)。

Books in translation are often popular in China, but they tend to be global bestsellers like the Harry Potter series. So why has Finnegans Wake, a text from pre-war Europe, proved such a hit, particularly, one which has a reputation for being almost incomprehensible – even in its own language?


The Chinese version is no easier to read than the original, the loyal-minded translator assures, but James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake has still sold out its initial run in China.

Xu Liangying, a renowned Chinese rights advocate, physicist and translator of Einstein, has died in Beijing. Xu was 92.

Deadline: 30 March 2013 (Rolling deadline: Articles placed in volumes on completion of review process)
Email: CITjournaleditor@gmail.com

Reviews of Mo Yan's Pow! and Sandalwood Death, translated from the Chinese by Howard Goldblatt (Seagull Press/University of Oklahoma Press, 2012)

Howard Goldblatt wrote on one of his translator-author relationships.

Organizers: Ministry of Culture, Taipei Book Fair Foundation
Date: 30 January - 4 February 2013
Venue: Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei


The Last Quarter of the Moon, by Chi Zijian, translated by Bruce Humes, Harvill Secker, RRP£14.99, 311 pages


An interview with Xu Yanan, one of the pioneers in translation and interpretation in the field of international communication and foreign affairs in TAC.

University of Salford, Centre for Translation and Interpreting – 30 January 2013
Deadline for Registration: 15 January 2013

Sound translation no doubt plays an important role in the Nobel victory for a Chinese author. Anna Gustafsson Chen is a Swedish translator who has helped Mo Yan publish three of his books in Sweden.

If I'm excited, I can hardly imagine what Mo Yan is feeling now.

莫言作品的外译事实正好与他所谈的“忠实” 说相去甚远

Announced in "The Report on 2012 China's Language Service Industry Development" released by TAC and the Institute of China Transition Department.

Xue Fan, 78, is the man behind the translation of more than 2,000 foreign songs, including the famous Russian tune Nights in Moscow's Suburbs.  

At the second National Conference on Translation in Beijing on Dec. 6, Lin Wusun, former president of China International Publishing Group, put forward his suggestions for China's new generation of translators in an exclusive interview with china.org.cn.

Xu Jun, a distinguished translator best known for his translations of French novelists and a professor at China's Nanjing University, sat down for an interview with China.org.cn to talk about translation and culture.

莫言诺贝尔演讲全文 "讲故事的人":http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/2012/yan-lecture_ki.pdf


Mo Yan's Nobel prize has sparked a global wave of interest in Chinese literature and the foreign book market is hungry for China-themed publications.

Zhang Wei, an acclaimed author in PRC, has warned he will withhold publishing of his latest novel From the Juvenile to the Youth in foreign languages if translations are "unworthy."


Instructor recounts her experiences teaching Bay Area children to translate from Chinese and do concrete poetry — at the same time.

Sound translation no doubt plays an important role in the Nobel victory for a Chinese author. Anna Gustafsson Chen is a Swedish translator who has helped Mo Yan publish three of his books in Sweden.

Ever since China was named Guest of Honor at the 2009 Frankfurt Int’l Book Fair, overseas publishers have begun to take an interest in contemporary Chinese literature...

A summary of fiction, nonfiction, and essays by banned Chinese writers (with excerpts of their works in English translation).


Many more talented Chinese writers stand to benefit by gaining an international readership, provided more competent translators are found.

Chinese-born writer Han Suyin dies in Switzerland.

...Mo Yan’s American translator, Howard Goldblatt, describes the Chinese writer as a quiet and thoughtful autodidact.  

In all the Mo Yan frenzy, you may have missed the news that another prize was handed out last week: the Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize, a relative newcomer to the translation prize circuit. This year's prize was for translation from Chinese to English.

It should come as no surprise that Mo Yan's Nobel win would lead to rights and representation disputes around the world.

...veteran translator Howard Goldblatt, the man responsible for bringing to life in English the major works of novelist Mo Yan, winner on Thursday of the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature, is predicting a surge in interest in the Chinese author. 

Two books of poetry, put out by small publishers in the United States, are volumes of translation from Chinese and Japanese respectively, and come with detailed notes about the poets and their work.

Peking Opera, long a cornerstone of Chinese traditional culture, will now be more accessible to foreign audiences via a new series of published English translations.

Celebrated Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang (1894-1961) would probably be overjoyed to see the first volume of the English-translation series of 100 Peking Opera Classics released on Oct 19 in Beijing.

Swedish Academy member Goran Malmqvist said yesterday that the existence of few translations is the main reason that Chinese literature is marginalized in the world.

David Parker, the Executive Director of the Man Asian Literary Prize, said they were looking for a new sponsor after the Man Group announced it was ending its funding for the prize after six years.

ROC Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai said Oct. 15 that her agency is mulling a publication policy to help Taiwan literary works break into the global market.

The surprise announcement last week that Chinese novelist Mo Yan had won this year’s Nobel Prize in literature has focused unprecedented global attention on Chinese literature. “Tao Te-Ching” and “Art of War” notwithstanding, books from the world’s most populous country have tended to get meager play in the Western press.



Gao Mang

A new documentary series profiling China's 30 most influential translators premiered in Beijing in late March. The documentary series, A Life-long Pursuit, focuses on China's older generation of translation specialists and highlights their impact on the world and Chinese culture. The documentary is part of an effort to fill in the current gap in China's history of translation. Co-produced by the Translators Association of China (TAC) under China International Publishing Group (CIPG) and Chagoo Ltd, a TAC subsidiary that offers translation services, the series began shooting in September 2011.

An essay written by Andrea Lingenfelter, one of America's most seasoned translators of contemporary women's writings from China. In this essay shereflects on the ways in which gender filters through the prism of different languages, cultures, genres, and idiosyncratic styles to inflect the process of translation itself.

“There has been a small amount of non-fiction publishing in English on this subject, such as Leslie Chang's excellent Factory Girls, but we feel there’s huge appeal to hearing these stories from the Chinese perspective,” said Jo Lusby, head of Penguin China.

China-funded Confucius Institutes—promoting the teaching of Chinese language and culture—are popping up throughout Africa, including Egypt and Morocco in the Arab world, and several sub-Saharan countries, including Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda.

42届伦敦书展416日隆重开幕,中国国际出版集团(中国外文局)再次以“感知中国(Reading China)”主题闪亮登场,以其精美的多语种图书、个性化的展台设计和丰富多彩的文化活动吸引了国际出版同业和各国读者的高度关注。

At London Book Fair 2012 China Market Focus and the associated cultural programme placed a spotlight on contemporary Chinese authors and China as an important publishing arena.

Penguin China recently released the English translation of author Sheng Keyi’s first novelNorthern Girls, a fictional journey through the riotous streets and shops of boom-town Shenzhen, led by the 16-year-old village girl Qian Xiaohong.

Contributors are needed for the Modern Chinese Fiction Writers, 1950-2000 volume of the Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB) series that is produced by Bruccoli, Clark, Layman and published by Gale. The book is co-edited by Tom Moran and Dianna Xu.


English-language books in East Asia – whether translations or original works – have often seem to have one of two fates: either to be blessed by a trade publisher and enter into the global limelight, or to languish in the local market. That situation is slowly improving...

"Without a good translation of the screenplay, no matter how good the voice actors are, they cannot perform well," said Cao Lei, a renowned voice actress and former director of the Shanghai Film Dubbing Studio.

Renowned French director Jean Jacques Annaud is preparing the film adaptation of Wolf Totem.

The Three Body trilogy, one of the most popular Chinese-language science fiction novels, will be published in English soon, a publishing company said Friday. 

Chinese to English interpreters are bridging the linguistic divide and ensuring clarityof meaning. They are a group of people you may not have noticed unless you've attended a high profile conference or major event: Soberly dressed and almost invisible behind the speakers or in acorner of a conference room, they are the professional interpreters who provide simultaneous interpretation...

ALMATY, July 12 2012 - "China through the eyes of Kazakhstanis", a book aimed at strengthening understanding between the two nations, was launched here Thursday to mark the 20th anniversary of their diplomatic ties.

In accordance with the requirement of the State Council Information Office, Foreign Language Press (FLP) rapidly finished the translation and publication of English, French and Spanish editions of National Human Rights Action Plan (2012-2015).


It took Eric Abrahamsen nine months to finish the translation of Notes of a Civil Servant, a 320,000-word novel by Chinese author Wang Xiaofang that features a vicious power struggle within a government department of the fictional city of Dongzhou...

Lists of Chinese to English literary translation projects that have either been recently published, are currently being translated, or are under contract.

Lucifer Chu, a Taiwanese electronic engineering graduate made his name with a successful Chinese translation of The Lord of the Rings trilogy,spoke to local audiences about his experiences over the past 10 years, and shared his passion for fantasy literature with his fans.

The issue of Pathlight magazine, a new literary publication produced jointly by Paper Republic and People's Literature magazine (人民文学杂志). Now in a three-issue trial period, Pathlight will focus primarily on writing from relatively new and unknown Chinese writers, and aims to provide a comprehensive look at the newest trends in contemporary Chinese fiction and poetry.

A leading Chinese publisher announced a long term plan of translating and publishing about 2,000 foreign classics in social sciences by 2020.

Readers in the English-speaking world have long enjoyed translations of the cream of French, German and Russian literature. Only in the past few decades, however, have English-language editions of the best fiction written in Taiwan become available.