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On the influence of mistranslation upon Chinese New-Poem Movement and Anglo-American Imagist Movement

Author/Editor: 王东风

Year of publication: 2010

Keywords: 误译、翻译、诗歌

Place of Publication & Publisher: 外语教学与研究(北京:北京外国语大学),42(6):459-464

Publisher URL: http://www.fltr.ac.cn

ISBN/ISSN: 1000-0429

Publication blurb:

中国的五四新诗运动和英美的意象主义诗歌运动均深受翻译的影响。本文分析这两大运动的起源, 聚焦其主要发起人的翻译活动及其产生的影响, 证明他们的诗歌翻译都存在明显的误译痕迹,而这种误译是在打破传统的目的促动下有意为之的。由于误译的误导, 两大运动所造就的新诗体出现了双重异化的现象: 既不同于源语文化的诗歌样式, 也不同于目标文化的诗歌传统。通过翻译, 新的诗体和诗学理念被建立起来了, 旧的诗学价值观被颠覆了。 

English Abstract
It is well known that the Chinese New-Poem Movement and the Anglo-American Imagist Movement are both triggered by translation,the former by the translation of poems from Western countries and the latter by the translation of classic poems from China.This paper probes into the origins of the two movements in question and examines their exponents translations and their influences.The cases in point reveal that their translations are all full of obvious but well-motivated mistranslations,which share a common ... 

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