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Translating Publicity Texts in the Light of Skopos Theory: Problems and Suggestions

Author/Editor: Wang Baorong

Year of publication: 2011

Place of Publication & Publisher: Translation Quarterly 翻譯季刊 (Hong Kong : The Hong Kong Translation Society), 59(2011): 29-50

Publisher URL: http://www.hkts.org.hk/cgi-bin/pub.pl

ISBN/ISSN: ISSN 1027-8559

Publication blurb:

The present paper aims to explore the translation of Chinese publicity texts into English within the framework of skopos theory, with special reference to Shaoxing mingshi culture-related texts. The basic principles of skopos theory are outlined, followed by a discussion of their application in translating publicity texts.An attempt is then made to analyze four types of translation errors prevalent in English translations of publicity texts by drawing on Nord’s functional model. The paper concludes with some suggestions on solving the problems. 

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