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典籍英译中的 “东方情调化翻译倾向” 研究 ── 以英美翻译家的汉籍英译为例

"Orientalization" in Western Translators Rendering of Chinese Classics

Author/Editor: 蒋骁华

Year of publication: 2010

Keywords: 东方情调化翻译倾向;典籍英译;死喻“活”译;英美翻译家

Place of Publication & Publisher: 《中国翻译》(北京:中国翻译协会),2010(4):40-45

ISBN/ISSN: 1000-873X

Publication blurb:


English Abstract

Concerning the literal approach many British and American translators have adopted in their rendering of Chinese classics, critical opinions diverge sharply between the Chinese critics and their Western counterparts. While the former are wont to slap on the translations concerned such negative tags as "cultural traps", "misreading", "awkward translation", "over-translation", "under-translation", "deviation from the original", the latter tend to show a keen interest in deriving theoretical insights from the approach.... 

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