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中國古詩的翻譯 ── 從語內到語際

The Translation of Chinese Classical Poetry – From the Intralingual to the Inter-lingual

Author/Editor: 陳曆明

Year of publication: 2011

Place of Publication & Publisher: Translation Quarterly 翻譯季刊 (Hong Kong : The Hong Kong Translation Society), 59(2011): 1-28

Publisher URL: http://www.hkts.org.hk/cgi-bin/pub.pl

ISBN/ISSN: ISSN 1027-8559

Publication blurb:

The translation of classical Chinese poetry involves the intralingual and the interlingual. So far, however, research hastended to focus only on one aspect, to the neglect of the correlations between them. The present paper aims to examine the interrelations through a contrastive study between classical Chinese, modern Chinese and English, looking at interlingual translation by way of intralingual translation. It argues that the intrinsic immeasurability between the two languages manifests itself insuch binary oppositions as (1) the (in)visibility of subjective personal pronoun(s), (2) the presence/absence of tenses and (3) the(il)logicality of narration. The article attempts to study theontological untranslatability of Chinese classical poetry, and,consequently, rethink the necessity and possibility of translation.

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