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Research on the History of Translation in China: The Present Situation and Future Prospects

Author/Editor: 王建開

Year of publication: 2011

Place of Publication & Publisher: Translation Quarterly 翻譯季刊 (Hong Kong : The Hong Kong Translation Society), 60(2011): 1-35

Publisher URL: http://www.hkts.org.hk/cgi-bin/pub.pl

ISBN/ISSN: ISSN 1027-8559

Publication blurb:

By analyzing the existing research by scholars in mainland China, this paper points out weaknesses in four areas involving the statistical data of translated texts, the historical material to be expanded, the citation of second-hand sources, and the use of English references. Further, this paper suggests practical measures for improvement. In particular, the different sources of the translated texts are offered, where the numbers and statistics could be grouped in order to form an integrated database. Such a new database would be a rich pool from which new findings can be made. Secondly, the text types and scope of historical material need to be further expanded to cover other fields of research or other branches ofliterary studies, in order to gain a more comprehensive perspective on the relation between social background and translation events.Thirdly, more citations should be made of the first-hand sources soas to produce more convincing conclusions and offer information available for further research. Lastly, through a study of the books written by foreigners who came to China in the 19th and 20th centuries, more facts will emerge, providing wider evidence fromwhich original ideas would be derived.  

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