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易學視角 ── 翻譯的本質與譯者的無妄之災

The Perspective of Yijing Studies – The Nature of Translation and Translators’ Undeserved Misfortune

Author/Editor: 孫迎春、周朝偉

Year of publication: 2011

Place of Publication & Publisher: Translation Quarterly 翻譯季刊 (Hong Kong : The Hong Kong Translation Society), 62(2011): 51-84

Publisher URL: http://www.hkts.org.hk/cgi-bin/pub.pl

ISBN/ISSN: ISSN 1027-8559

Publication blurb:

This essay discusses the universal truths demonstrated inYijing studies. First, the intrinsic relationship between Yijing studies and translatology is probed in a general way; second,employing Yijing doctrines, the authors seek to comprehend the essence of translation in the broader sense, in addition to studying some of the typical definitions given by scholars on the nature of translation; and third, it is noted that contribution has been madein many ways by translation or translators in bi lingual interchanges, while there are great dangers to be faced now and then–even extremely severe calamities. Translation is a heroic cause with the power to move people to song and tears. There are also several examples of translators facing “misfortune”. Experts in translation are brilliant people worthy of our real respect. 

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