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被遮蔽的另面景观: “学衡” 派翻译研究

The Marginalization of the Xueheng School and a Distorted View of Literary Translations in Post-May Fourth China

Author/Editor: 王雪明

Year of publication: 2011

Keywords: 后现代主义史学;“学衡”派;翻译

Place of Publication & Publisher: 《中国翻译》(北京:中国翻译协会),2011(6):27-31

ISBN/ISSN: 1000-873X

Publication blurb:


English Abstract
Drawing on modern especially postmodern historiography,this paper takes a close look at historical accounts of literary translation in modern China,and calls attention to the unjustified neglect of the translations by the Xueheng(The Critical Review) School.Even a brief examination of the translations published in the magazine Xueheng would show a vastly different picture of the May Fourth translation boom.That Xueheng School s contributions to literary translation should stay marginalized offers theoretica...  

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