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An Allegorical Re-interpretation of Benjamin’s Conception of Translation

Author/Editor: 高干、钟守满

Year of publication: 2012

Keywords: 寓言化;纯语言;逐字直译;社会批判性

Place of Publication & Publisher: 《中国翻译》(北京:中国翻译协会),2012(2):12-17

ISBN/ISSN: 1000-873X

Publication blurb:


English Abstract
Since allegory is the concept on which Walter Bejamin’s philosophy and literary theories center, an allegorical interpretation of his thoughts on translation promises to shed new light on what he regards as the nature of real languages, the nature of translation, and the translator’s task. Adopting such an approach to a re-reading of Benjamin, this article concludes that for him, translation is a process of turning original texts into allegories and should be imbued with a socially critical spirit. 

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