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翻译与翻译研究概论 —— 认知 • 视角 • 课题

Translation and Translation Studies: Perceptions, Perspectives and Methodology

Author/Editor: 谭载喜

Year of publication: 2012

Place of Publication & Publisher: 北京:中国对外翻译出版公司(Beijing: China Translation and Publishing Corporation),2012年

Publisher URL: http://www.ctpc.com.cn/index/index.php

ISBN/ISSN: ISBN: 978-7-5001-3382-7

Publication blurb:


As a continued effort from the author’s previous endeavours reflected in his The Science of Translation (2000/2005), this book presents his latest views on the subject, focusing on such fundamental issues as the nature of translation and translation studies, what perspectives and approaches there are to take in their research, and how they can be taught as an academic discipline.