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A Full Load of Moonlight: Chinese Chan Buddhist Poems

Author/Editor: Fung, Mary M.Y. and David Lunde (trans.)

Year of publication: 2014

Place of Publication & Publisher: Hong Kong: Musical Stone Culture, 212 pages

ISBN/ISSN: 978-98812-63-02-5

Price and ordering information:

A Full Load of Moonlight is available in Hong Kong local bookstores and its POD (Print-on-Demand) version internationally through Amazon (amazon.com), Amazon Europe (www.amazon.fr, www.amazon.it, www.amazon.es, www.amazon.de) and Createspace online bookstore. Its electronic version is also available through Amazon Kindle platform.

Publication blurb:

The selections in this anthology cover representative poems from the beginning of Chinese Chan Buddhism in the seventh century up to the twentieth century, and have been chosen as much for their value as poetry as for their embodiment and expression of Buddhist thought.

In making our selection – 180 classical Chinese poems written by monastics and lay poets – we have carefully examined collections of Chinese Chan poetry and academic works on the subject in search of good poems that are translatable. Our translation tries to convey as much as possible the accurate meaning of the original, allowing of course for different interpretations of the poem. We often go into great lengths to ascertain the true import of even a single character, with the kind assistance of our Buddhist and academic friends. At the same time we strive to retain the poetic quality of the original, making our translation appeal as poetry. It is hoped that the Anthology will offer a representative selection of Chan poetry and give the reader a taste of the Chan flavor as well as aesthetic enjoyment.